Fujian province will build a number of innovation driven engineering related platform

By on May 20, 2017

in order to promote the development of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, adapt to the trend of the times to reform and innovation. So, on the establishment of a number of innovation driven project specific platform is how?

days ago, the Provincial Association for science and Technology issued Implementation Measures for driving power engineering construction and management innovation platform in our province. Industry of the province approved the establishment of the province will learn collaborative business collaborative innovation alliance, innovation base, service enterprises and National Institute of construction and operation of service stations, give some subsidies special funds from power engineering innovation drive.

according to the measures for the implementation of industrial enterprises will be cooperative innovation alliance should integrate national association and the Provincial Institute of intellectual resources, to the provincial society as the main body, and guide enterprises to technological innovation, promote industrial innovation and technology exchange. The union shall be composed of a number of units, such as the National Association, the Provincial Association, the enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions. Provincial Association for the sponsor, the enterprise must be the industry leader; colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to play the role of technology research and development. To establish a mechanism for the protection of interests, to clarify the research and development of intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights, the use of the license and the transformation of income distribution approach.

Provincial Institute of collaborative service enterprise innovation base, should improve the conditions of enterprise innovation, strengthen precision services, and jointly promote the development of enterprise innovation. Innovation base of the national society, the Provincial Institute should be based on the needs of enterprises to determine the commitment to the enterprise, the enterprise to provide the necessary working conditions and conditions for the base. National and provincial society to recommend at least 5 or more experts at home and abroad every year to more than well-known experts to assist enterprises to complete the task of scientific research.

Provincial Institute of national service station, should focus on the development of the province’s industry, the construction of scientific and technological innovation in the field of science and technology services to provide service stations.

approved the establishment of the innovation alliance, innovation base, service stations, the use of funding subsidies year by year, the completion of a certain service indicators and through the annual assessment, the Provincial Association for science and technology grant funding.

for the establishment of innovation driving power engineering platform is required by the relevant part of the support and cooperation, in the hope that the various departments work together to make the platform construction work, so that our province’s economic further development.

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Chen Hongdao and his two brands

By on May 18, 2017

Chen Hongdao said, many people are not familiar with, but if Wang Laoji, never heard of the minority, after all, it was the first brand of herbal tea, but if not heard JDB, it can only say that you out, this year’s "The Voice of China" this brand can be said to promote peak. But the relationship between them, many people certainly do not understand, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to Chen Hongdao and his two brands!

2008 donated 100 million yuan to the earthquake stricken areas of Wenchuan province in 2010 and the Qinghai earthquake in Yushu donated $110 million. In Hongkong, Chen Hongdao has the title of "Buddha merchant". In 2010, he led the JDB hand in the Asian Games, as an outstanding representative of the Chinese national brand, will rely on large-scale international sports events, accelerate the process of internationalization, to become a world-class beverage brands.

to 2008, red cans Wong Lo Kat herbal tea sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, as sales surpassed Coca-Cola and Pepsi first canned beverage market Chinese brand. 2011 creation of the 20 billion red pot myth, in 2012 won the "food industry leader" award. Now he is chairman of Guangdong JDB Group Co., Ltd., chairman of Hongkong Hong Tao (Group) Co., ltd..

"Kat and Chen Hongdao.

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The correct choice of pizza brand – business skills

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food and beverage industry in the selection of the project brand has always been a very important event, of course, for some investors, how to choose to suit their own brand this is a very sad thing. Take the pizza, pizza is Western-style food, but with the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people for life quality have higher requirements, pizza gradually prevailed in our country, has a large market, this is also the reason why many people want to join the pizza investment, in order to gain more economic profits. For pizza franchisees for the list needs to be a certain understanding, after comparison to be able to choose the right brand, store operations are also helpful.

1. of the outlets, pizza stores whether the normal operation of the pizza chain franchise has been running, in the choice of a good pizza chain franchise, we should be y aware of its stores, franchise business situation is good, there is no stable operating profit, the profit outlook is a follow-up.

2. pizza chain franchise should have perfect organizational structure of enterprise management system, the specific evaluation from the following aspects: whether there is a sound financial management system, perfect human resource management system, new product development and innovation ability, improve the logistics distribution system, the overall operating management and supervision system, and the advanced, scientific and standard and copy the production management support system.

3. pizza chain franchisee should provide support for opening, its good support should be:

Selection of market area in

a: area.

b: staffing and recruitment;

c: regional market positioning and product development;

d: industry before training;

e: pizza shop opening preparation.

4. look at the strength of the enterprise. Choose a pizza franchise business which is inevitable nowadays commercial development, is for more entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial stage, but if we choose the franchise brand not seriously will affect the future development, so choose a good pizza franchise brand shop is very important, so we must choose a a competitive strength of the enterprise. Here the strength should have professional technology, modern equipment, excellent office environment, advanced enterprise humanistic philosophy, the enterprise standard system management, warm and thoughtful service and so on are all affect the future development of the enterprise the necessary insurance.

5. good reputation. It is important for us to choose a good pizza store, because it is directly related to the future of the enterprise, so we must be careful

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Competitive pressures in the industry should pay attention to the local children’s shop

By on May 13, 2017

with the continuous expansion of the size of the domestic children’s wear market, now the children’s clothing market will usher in a new round of development opportunities for entrepreneurs is a good time to invest in entrepreneurship. Now on the market, children’s clothing children’s consumption is growing, the market volume of the industry is also increasing year by year, a good investment environment makes a lot of children’s clothing stores took the lead on the way to get rich. Open a children’s clothing store, is the latest emerging investment projects, the owner of the management level of the store has a great impact on the development of the business, the owner should pay attention to the following points. Let’s take a look at it. Understanding these methods can help you successfully open the children’s clothing store.

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1898 coffee shop starts here

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started in the coffee shop, which is the rise of a foreign entrepreneurial model, now in the country began to pop up. Countless young people embrace the dream together, a table as a starting platform for a chair.

although this cafe opened in Lanzhou, but with the help of Peking University Alumni platform and resources, it is a global business incubator platform, which is unmatched by other business space.


now, in China mainland public entrepreneurship, innovation concept is growing in popularity, with "coffee" is a medium business platform has become a convenient path for the young people to achieve the dream, front and back problems of this platform in the entrepreneurial process of all personnel support bidding".

at the Lanzhou University students in reading Li Qin is settled here, she said: "the beginning of entrepreneurship, their strength is relatively small, hope that through this platform Cafe know some seniors, so that our products in the market have more chance to show."

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Take the ferry to join venture capital how spicy pot good choice brand

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in today’s society, people are very critical for the delicacy, with crossing spicy pot insist on a variety of delicious, the main characteristics of food and beverage, with the advent of Du spicy hot pot, people have discovered a new continent, with Du spicy hot pot franchise business is very hot, in a short time occupied the new business venture.

take spicy spicy pot

1, understanding consulting. Would like to join the spicy spicy pot pot to take this brand, businesses can through the , telephone and other means, a detailed understanding of the brand, and through the application form to fill in the headquarters to convey their intention to join.

2, audit contract. Headquarters will be based on the actual situation of the business, including economic conditions, the local market conditions, to determine whether the business is eligible to become franchisees. After the adoption of the audit, the business can establish long-term cooperative relations with headquarters, formally signed a contract, and pay the appropriate fee to join.

3, training preparation. In order to ensure that businesses set up shop, the headquarters will provide professional training support for businesses, training involves management, management, technology, equipment and other aspects, to ensure that businesses can quickly get started. At the same time, businesses can begin renovation, recruitment, equipment installation, etc..

4, shop management. When everything is ready, the business can be opened with the help of the headquarters of the business. In the operation, the headquarters will provide appropriate guidance and help, so that the store has been sustained and stable development.

why take spicy hot pot popular popularity? Because take Du spicy pot delicious, but also nutritious, with Du spicy hot pot franchise headquarters adhere to innovation, more research recipes and dishes, now take Du spicy hot pot franchise headquarters in a proprietary formulation and process for people to build a nutritious and delicious. Take spicy spicy pot good taste of the product, it is worth investing in business shop.

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Do business must learn to play the fool

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although it is really necessary to do business to each customer to provide quality services, however, the customer is different, in fact, also determines the different needs of our services. Integrity is the foundation of our business people, and we deal with different customers every day, to treat different customers we have to learn different hospitality countermeasures. We first want to listen to customers to buy goods, customers in the choice of goods, we should take the initiative to introduce customers to the price of the commodity and the basic attributes of goods.

I do not know if you have encountered such a customer does not, you store the price of the goods he will be more expensive than the price of the supermarket, but he said in his mouth or where to pick goods. For this kind of customers, we first analyze their shopping habits, this type of customer is certainly a lot of care, love petty petty customers.

in their selection of goods, and our products are selling cheap, do not directly and she spoke, in order to avoid wrong sentences that hurt customer self-esteem and makes you angry, so we have to play "Crazy", a smattering of catering to the customer speech on the line, in the account, we can according to how much she gave her a shopping goods usually into people send gifts or small goods to meet this kind of customer "greed" of the heart.

there are some customers to buy goods, he was very clear about the purchase price of a commodity, but they have to ask again and again and three of the price of a commodity. Take a customer who came into my store a few days ago. A few days ago, there is a customer to my shop to buy some liquor, he asked me a door the liquor prices, I quoted to him, he said I sell price is too high, he often drink this liquor how much money, I heard this price is the purchase price of liquor on us.

I pretend to forget to purchase price, he said: "the price you say I have not come I think," "we often drink is the price you sell, we buy, we do not sell go another store bought." I look at this person firm attitude, I think, give him, I do not earn a penny, do not give up a customer, maybe he bought a liquor also buy other goods. So I pretended to be confused and said: "you want a few bottles, lost to you".

the customer looked at me and said, "give me one, and we’ll have a couple of ladies, and then bring me a bottle of 60 yuan dry red, a Mount Huangshan red cigarette."." I hurried to prepare him a white wine, red wine and cigarettes, he did not talk to me about the price of red wine and cigarettes, pay the money to go. I carefully considered the liquor although no money, but red and cigarette but earned tens of yuan, if today is not dumb, let the customer, that does not earn a penny.

needs to do business

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Clothing store off-season what Raiders

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off-season is almost any shop will encounter, but if there are related Raiders, will let the store’s business has a very big help, which can make the business of the shop to get a good development. So, clothing store off-season what Raiders? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

clothing store off-season Raiders 1: do a good job marketing, things will bow


season literally mean less number this time the customer into the clothing store and purchase desire than any other time, but not without, so this time should strengthen the service consciousness, but excessive enthusiasm will allow customers to create psychological alert, we should grasp the scale, to seize the customer psychology, judgment they need to, they recommend some of the most suitable for their clothes, not necessarily the most expensive, so that customers will be satisfied, the more likely wallet.

clothing store off-season Raiders 2: the limited funds used to stimulate consumer spending on the promotion of

whenever the holidays go shopping, the feeling is a sea of people, the business of the promotion of overwhelming, everywhere a prosperous scene. The clothing store can also carry out some promotion this time, the form of the promotion and gifts to the shopkeeper to consider, first, cost control, and then try to practical and durable, not the kind of a throw, while increasing sales increased the potential customers into the store two times.

clothing store off-season Raiders 3: clothing amount less pressure

When the

season is most afraid of goods, this time we should pay attention to the time of purchase, would rather go to the clothes a few dollars more cost is not a one-time batch of goods to sell good backlog, you can then choose some replenishment, the time of purchase is not strong seasonal clothing, such as jeans some clothes and accessories bags and so on, all the year round it, to reduce the pressure of the goods risk. To allow more put some new, don’t let your store goods back to the loss of the immutable and frozen, attractive, there is a clothing store display of products not kept unchanged, and the new selling clothes in a conspicuous place, let the customer see at a glance, focus on the introduction to the customer.

open a store will have a business in the off-season, this is not what strange things, but for operators, but also need to master certain methods, adopt a certain strategy, will let the shop business is booming. So, if you open a clothing store, the emergence of the off-season operation, how will you deal with it?

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Beijing increase the number of electric vehicle charging pile – net

By on May 11, 2017

Although the

electric vehicle in people’s travel brings convenience, but a lot of time, there are still a lot of problems plaguing consumers. For example, when the electric car outside, need to charge how to do? Recently in Beijing, will increase the input of electric vehicle charging pile, so that more consumers can rest assured.

in recent years, the growth of electric vehicle ownership, including charging piles, including the rapid development of various types of charging infrastructure.

National Energy Bureau of North China Energy Regulatory Bureau relevant responsible person said, part of the charging infrastructure problems in the construction and operation process, such as charging parking spaces are non electric vehicle charging, long occupied instability problems.

we all know that electric cars can bring people more environmental protection, natural advantages will be greater, has been with the support of the government, electric vehicle sales have been increasing. 63706601 days before the opening of the pile hotline Beijing city electric vehicle charging, specializes in Beijing charging pile construction and operation problems of complaints and advice.

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How to store location and Hot pot

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said that for the delicious hot pot, countless people are very fond of all year round, however, any one business after all, there is a season of light points. For hot pot career, autumn and winter season is undoubtedly a better choice. Because of this, there will be a lot of investors will open a hot pot in the autumn and winter seasons. But want to let hot pot shop business is hot, the site also need to work hard. So, how to choose the hot pot?

autumn and winter season, Hot pot shop business is very good, the more distinctive Hot pot shop, the more we need a good location for popular Hot pot shop, a good geographical location is very important. In the hot pot shop location, a good location, is the need to consider. What are the principles of the hot pot restaurant? The following details.

good Hot pot shop shop lots, must meet certain standards, then, ready to open shop shop location selection is Hot pot, in the site before, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, this is the location of the premises. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors.

hot pot shop location principle:

first to determine the service object. What are the principles of the hot pot restaurant? To combine the location of hot pot restaurants, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, to determine the varieties of hot pot;

second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, easy access to customers;

third to the environment in place. What are the principles of the hot pot restaurant? The external environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as catering street, hot pot city, while promoting their own comprehensive support, combined with a variety of operations, the formation of economies of scale;

fourth to scientific forecast profit. In the pre opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting profits and benefits.

many store in the business process have insight into the importance of location, and business problems in the food store, there is no good geographical position, especially the characteristics of the Hot pot shop is so good, the location is very important, in today’s competition, a good Hot pot shop, a a good location is the need to pay attention to. Small series in the introduction above, can bring you help.

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