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    A common misunderstanding Shanghai dragon half take doctrine + optimization by feeling

    By on August 12, 2017

    A, in order to avoid the practice of validation error type, proposed at the beginning must learn the most accurate knowledge of Shanghai dragon theory, verify type from the source to eliminate waste. Here we recommend learning search optimization guide provides, such as "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" and "Google webmaster guidelines".

    a lot of friends to learn Shanghai dragon in the beginning, the Shanghai dragon is with the help of some webmaster experience in front of this point, many webmaster is no ground for blame, but a half of the ISM, we all know that the ISM is the most important three points: share, selection, innovation. Many of my friends have very forthright advanced knowledge to share, but also according to their own need to select a part he considers his more useful knowledge, but not to verify the accuracy of knowledge here, let alone innovation, this is a misunderstanding you many friends are easy to go into the.

    Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently there are a lot of friends asked me some basic problems, but from these issues obviously feel the awareness about the Shanghai, there are still some problems, in fact we base Shanghai Longfeng knowledge theory master is very good, but the basic problem is more easily into the misunderstanding, today I will give now we introduce some errors for easy access. The Shanghai dragon misunderstanding actually in front of many friends talked about some common misunderstandings of specific, but may talk about are some specific operational errors, here I mainly talk about you for some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge as a whole, there is some misunderstanding in thinking analysis, hope that we can love.

    solution: a lot of friends can speak very fast: practice. But how to practice? The following three steps, we must pay attention to:

    1, half of the ISM, do not pay attention to the practice of

    C, the execution stage, in strict accordance with the implementation of the program, and to make data statistics, data analysis, data service. >

    for example, we are talking about the keyword density, the keyword density should be controlled in 2%-8%, and the key words to appear naturally, if we do not practice to verify these limits, it is difficult to grasp why there is such a limit (less than 2% is not conducive to the promotion of more than 8% have correlation keywords, keywords accumulation of suspicion,) why should the keywords (because of "natural keyword search engine will appear, the correlation for the website keywords page is too high to moderate tolerance). So this is the first error is what others say, you don’t go to practice.

    B, making practice plan of subdivision, can be staged, can also be multi site synchronization. For example, speaking in front of the keyword density range, you can specify the 3-4 interval test, making 3-4 a web page, a keyword in the layout of different keyword density, the effect on the website keywords ranking.

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    Do the four aspects that included new fast was the love of Shanghai

    By on

    website is a search engine to crawl to be included, so our website content to fill, is not enough, because their website trust is very low, not a spider to visit, we should try to know.

    just online website is the best of good quality of the original article, which lay the foundation of Web site included also will become relatively simple, a lot of websites to solve on-line website content, first collection to other sites to fill, personally think that this is very unreasonable, after all, the collection site is relatively the repetition rate is very high, the general can not be included in search engines, even some websites many columns are all empty, no content, search engine is sometimes not included.

    server is a very important thing for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, stable space is conducive to search engine spiders crawl, for a new station only let your website can be opened normally, in order to successfully search engine to crawl content; this requires that we must pay attention in the choice of space, not in order to save a few money and lose, especially some foreign or Hongkong space, sometimes open speed is very slow, and often, is very unstable, we still recommend the purchase of domestic as well, after all, our website is mainly for domestic users, so choose a stable space not only meets the search engine spiders crawl. It is convenient for the user to access.

    as the site construction company, the construction of the new station is a very common thing, many customers are required to establish new requirements and optimization, this time is included in the site we must first solve the problem, a lot of friends complain about their website one or two months has not been included in the normal love Shanghai, the website can be submitted after it fast love Shanghai included, sometimes we do not need to submit will be included, you can be sure it is one or two months of new sites if there is no love in Shanghai included, so there must be a reason, according to the own experience to share how to let a new fast love Shanghai included:

    do not arbitrarily change the site

    to change the site is new taboo, before creating a logistics website, originally is a dynamic path, quickly search engine included many pages, but in order to take the dynamic path set for the static path, said to have included the path to change again, the second day website immediately disappeared and, through the optimization of more than half a year, now only a little keyword ranking improvement. This tells us that the new station must be planned, not free to change it, it is best to create good and then uploaded to the space in the local construction, just a good web site is best not to modify it, once in love Shanghai in the assessment period, sometimes take a long time to recover.

    to the high weight website spider

    high quality content to support

    stable space server

    The The

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    Hot words ranking suddenly disappeared and how to do My website ranking comeback experience!

    By on

    navigation have been added in the "about me", introduced myself, don’t love Shanghai see know that I am a man, so the man is not love online? Should not

    also added an internal forum, open only to registered users in Shanghai, love is not grab. The main purpose is to share and exchange only because Shanghai dragon does not want to become dry cargo, the site of the feeble platform. This access to some love Shanghai, as will reduce the score of such station, suspected or larger.

    website love Shanghai statistical background, analysis of the chain one by one, there is no violation of the garbage outside the chain, and checked again before the page does not exist, the individual had already refused the. Domain check the chain, found more than 100 more today than yesterday, because love Shanghai omits many results, do not see what should be more specific, is not the problem.


    Hello, I am Shanghai Longfeng Jones, do not know if you have seen my share in his blog "I do not let the hot words to the home page for a month"? When my website "Beijing Shanghai dragon" the words in love that is like Shanghai ranked upwards ah, sleep no wake up, did not expect less than a week, the website ranking suddenly disappeared, to February this is.

    but I found: search for "Shanghai dragon Jones, www on the first page, but is not to take the WWW domain name in the third place there. Don’t take the WWW domain from the analysis that day is 301 ah, how could this domain? Don’t love Shanghai on the 301 recognition rate is still not high?

    two, then look up the other there is no problem


    Site check collected, did not decrease, but also the first home; love Shanghai statistics background website index does not have what change; see the server log number found love Shanghai spiders not only did not decline but also improve, page crawl frequency can reach 20 times, and the day before a few more is good. It seems the problem is not very serious.

    station? 2, check the chain

    1, Links, did not find a penalized site, basically in the first site. But there are two friends in Guangzhou site that day is paralyzed, yesterday also check all right, should not be the problem! Inform them to deal with, find space should be able to quickly restore customer service.

    in addition, the front page after moving on


    , an accident to find out whether the problem is serious

    recently "keywords Beijing Shanghai Longfeng" appeared on page second, and this time it also brought a family: "Beijing website optimization", wander in the first two or three pages. Before Beijing Shanghai dragon ranking why disappear? Then I do what work? Many of my friends asked me in Shanghai dragon Raiders QQ group, I have to share with you today.

    3, think about what the


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    How can you make a profitable website when you give up the garbage stationAbout D1 convenience nets

    By on

    dear union webmaster, Hello,

    website is a brain live is a live, in the field of Internet technology, technology is not a panacea, but no technology is absolutely not, I have a lot of experience in itself is very, I’ll think of some ideas about the website, but I have no technology to implement, can only stop.

    sites should be reasonably extended to users to know


    more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

    wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

    for each customer and maintain the D1 fair price system, in order to protect the interests of the Union website, in order to the benign development of electronic commerce, from February 1, 2008 onwards, D1 decided to get convenience, union website and D1 Cooperation Commission, do not allow any rebate way back to the terminal users, including but not limited to the end of the month bonus rebate, etc.. D1 convenience net customer reception direct inquiries rebate problem. Namely: the D1 Commission obtained by the affiliate website is all owned by the alliance website, which is also beneficial for the alliance website to make profit. The D1 network will cooperate with the alliance website on a regular basis to achieve a win-win situation,

    hereby notify

    Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

    website how to make money? Website to do traffic, relatively speaking, easier to do dumpster traffic, but traffic can be converted into money? IP on thousands of sites, can earn tens of thousands, tens of thousands of IP on the station, may also earn hundreds of key, is the quality of your visitors.

    if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: linktech.cn


    D1 convenience markets,

    how to design a web site for users to attract as many visitors as possible is a question worth studying. We can see that some websites do not work as well as expected, mainly because of the lack of understanding of the user’s needs and the lack of user testing.

    Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047



    how to increase the quality of website visitors? From the site planning at the beginning of the establishment, to the website of the technology, to promote profit website, must be tightly around a central point, that is:

    attracts a large number of Internet users to visit your site, only half of the success, with unique content and services to allow Internet users to visit again, or to introduce web sites to his friends, is really successful.

    site planning should be centered on user needs

    at this point, in the early planning of the site should be a clear understanding of the basic situation of the audience of this site, the need for information and depth, so as to be targeted. On the basis of the full collection of customer data, the need for data analyzing and sorting, the most important is the website content to accurately locate the customer, it is a direct factor whether the site can attract visitors what to expect.

    if the above situation occurs, we will deduct the performance of the month and will not be settled.

    first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

    of course, I also can pay someone to help me fix technology, but there are two drawbacks: first, the core technology is not on your hands, is very hard, because once you need to continuously improve the website technology, it means to spend money, but also is not convenient; second, the unique features of technology is your website sign if you sign in before has not completed, to let others know, that your web site is not competitive at all.

    at the same time, the site should be distinctive, concise, clear, simple language and pictures clearly highlight the theme of the site, there is a demand to attract people’s attention on this site, the staff can not leave the impression. The basic element of a good website is that when users enter, the information related to this site can be found quickly and conveniently, and it is important to do good guidance with the help of related sites.

    has a technical level that meets the needs of users,



    if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

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    B2C e-commerce website search engine optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

    By on


    2-4, "the problem of

    3), title and meta in the keyword density is reasonable: the Title and Meta keywords interference too much, the main keyword density is not reasonable, resulting in inaccurate judgment of search engine web content, the influence of income and ranking.

    included major search engines

    on the web server is divided, without much of a problem found by testing tools, web server using independent IP, the corresponding speed, but in the open page manual sometimes slow page loading phenomenon, mainly on the card in the lower right corner of the video display screen.

    2, title) and the length of meta is reasonable: Title and the length of Meta is reasonable, but the interference of too many keywords, search engine marketing judgment of the web content.

    Shanghai dragon

    2-1, the server factors

    website in Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, love search, Youdao, Bing, Sogou search engine included in how to. The snapshot is normal, snapshot date is normal and so on.

    2-3, Title

    / and meta tags

    Shanghai Longfeng

    electronic mall site search engine optimization more and more attention by enterprises, an electronic mall in Shanghai Longfeng do good directly affect the site traffic, thus affecting the product sales in the electronic mall. Therefore, the electronic mall sales is good and Shanghai dragon is inseparable, then explain how a better B2C e-commerce website search engine optimization Shanghai dragon.

    first to analyze the status of

    2-2, the content of the website

    1), the lack of H1 tag ", highlighting the main keywords of the page,"


    The design details of the

    1), whether each page title and meta are different: the product page Title of the same lot, for example: all the "XXX sunscreen" with Title is "XXX sunscreen", a lot of Meta and Keyword in the same description.

    basic data analysis


    1), website content is rich? The site has a large number of products, rich product pictures, but not the simple product introduction, product specifications, size, color, fabric and other details.

    2), whether the site has original content? For E-commerce mall, a lot of pictures, but the search engine is unable to read the picture information, therefore, the introduction of the product is directly related to the original, the original ratio of the content of the website. At present, the website of the product introduction, Title Similarity of products is high, resulting in the formation of the original web site content is low, included less.

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    Do Shanghai dragon will start from the most basic elements of web three

    By on

    2. character fluctuation to collocation. This can clear vision, because now many display resolution would be relatively high, people looked uncomfortable without cadence. If the Yahoo is very good, if your domain name is opnmnu, it seems not beautiful.

    2. according to a number of key words, Pinyin, digital domain combination. For example: letters + numbers, words, Pinyin + + digital digital digital + pinyin.

    + industry

    1. can take the company name Pinyin combination, easy to remember, but must pursue the principle of simplicity, short.

    area code or the first letter English + hospital: 0769+ dg+ hospital

    third, other factors

    The The

    second, should pay attention to the following aspects of significance in the domain name

    1. personal website or blog can choose a personalized domain name, choose according to their preferences.

    3. the number of characters and not to be confused with: such as O and 0, 1 and l looks very similar, have a good coordination.

    2. can choose the main English keywords inside the industry, if the domain name is the most Shanghai dragon industry contains this English the Shanghai dragon.

    believes that everyone should know that the site is composed of what! The domain name space, these three points are to determine our Shanghai dragon effect. So we should be from the start to do the three? This is the foundation of a website, half cooked words that start is successful, in the Shanghai dragon in this aspect, pay attention to these three elements is a start.

    domain name is one of the three major components of a website, so we have to be careful. Customers know our fundamental website from the basic domain started, here we come to the actual share of my method!

    The digital domain name,

    hospital, Meirong Hospital Name + industry: each word of the first word.

    3. has special significance is also good, the more difficult to find.

    created 3. unique domain name, domain name and other new words.

    , the first character should pay attention to the following

    client is beauty and beauty hospital in Dongguan, Hong Tao will to choose the domain name from the following aspects:

    area code or the first English letters: 0769mr dg-mr dgmeirong

    domain name

    1. the number of characters to be short. Good character is short, good input. When choosing a domain name suffix, suggest that you preferred贵族宝贝, because this is the people in the address, enter the URL of the habit is贵族宝贝. The domain name number is about 3 to 6. Fewer words, Chinese is very attention, after all we have is to write Chinese characters from the beginning.

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    Five factors make your website talent shows itself

    By on

    3, we carefully look at the interactive columns: basically love Shanghai after adjustment, in addition to love Shanghai love Shanghai products know that Wikipedia, outside ranking is nothing more than some very strong interaction, can help users to find the things we need their own website, the website do not try to explore the Shanghai algorithm and should be more love Shanghai has been inclined to love love things, such as quiz column, about your website theme of common article, even with some on the theme of the site news program can, although these brought a lot of useless traffic, but I feel the site is self-evident.

    2, the chain: now just a one or two year basic site outside of the chain are up to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of millions of have I seen, indeed the article and the chain is two important factors of the site, I think Shanghai will not be silly not to waste a single judge a website with a number of popular chain we need to do some more, the high quality of the site, as related to our site, let people feel the existence of links is valuable, I think every day several high quality chain, far better than a lot of junk chain.


    4, website chat bomb box: this change really changed, forced the bomb box, following bomb box, make people sick.

    website optimization for more than two years, in fact there are some of their own ideas have been written for two weeks, love Shanghai adjustment, a large number of websites is K let me have a new understanding of the optimization, we are going to the website continued to have certain flow but each over a period of time to worry about K was then going, or to take a new approach to make their sites and other sites from Shanghai, let the love that we are a valuable website. I summed up the following points.


    article: 1, we can look at, now the medical website article, whether false original or original can not escape the points, it seems that these are kind of knowledge on the station to repeat in love Shanghai, basically revolves around a symptom of the disease, treatment costs, therapy, check this several points. At the end of the paper, adding a lot of promotion, in Shanghai it seems that the article these marketing type strong, serious impact on the promotion of Shanghai love order, real patients need little help seekers and few things. So how are we going to do it, first I think the marketing type need not be too strong, as long as the article title, express, you can. Marketing is not too strong, you do what is a web site, users can see it know, I really don’t understand why we have in each article added a lot of marketing. Can some more daily life, knowledge, knowledge, or even on your website related reports and news, I can feel, users are willing to look, look at the same time not only bring traffic, and let love Shanghai and set you apart from the conventional optimization.

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    About eight near Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to understand the

    By on

    as the Shanghai dragon practitioners we cannot confine ourselves to his place in the circle of creation, we need to try to ask more, communicate with other peers. I see a lot of good people in Shanghai Longfeng forum asked questions, some people are willing to share their own way, such ability can be improved, the only way Shanghai dragon skills to get real improvement. If you do not exchange door, your method and contacts will be lost. This occupation Shanghai dragon is also accumulated contacts, the more extensive network, your work efficiency will improve.

    whether grassroots webmaster, enterprise or company. If you do the site, if you are using the Internet to promote their products or services, you are inevitable to use to search engine. And now Shanghai dragon is one of the best search engine marketing strategy. As a practitioner in the middle of Shanghai dragon we search engine algorithm updates the shuttle, more weight to the search engine ranking challenges. Today, in this paper the author will not talk about what the advanced optimization technology, the author want to share about Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to understand in the occupation on the road of Shanghai dragon six big iron.

    rule four: as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners you are always students

    second Shanghai dragon iron is a patient in mind, we know that even if you have advanced Shanghai Dragon technology experience, but we have to face the fact that you need to have patience. Site operation and promotion is really a long process, from the site of the initial frame design, layout, and later the chain content construction and operation, all the way along with the Shanghai dragon. Can’t say that you do optimization today, tomorrow can be effective. Even if you get quick access to effective use of black hat, but the results are often does not support long. So as Shanghai dragon practitioners we still need to have patience, step by step down.

    three: Shanghai iron dragon practitioners need to communicate

    iron recording process need to work in time


    two: Shanghai iron dragon practitioners need more patience

    Shanghai Longfeng work needed to record each section of Hang process and other work, and even to record higher requirements, we need to process each operation record, recording method and the optimization effect. Whether in the success or failure, we need to summarize the principle. Because in the US as Shanghai dragon’s occupation career, we can not only optimize a site, application of the Institute records will be convenient for later on other sites to get deeper and wider. Even today yisou online is Shanghai dragon tutorial, or you also a Shanghai dragon master training, but their operation get fruit must be the same. We need to constantly sum up a set of their own "new in order to be different".

    : a

    we can not say.

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    Froont responsive web design, regression designers do not have to program ape interventionLei Jun an

    By on

    , although the tool is still in beta, it is very simple and not limited. Text addition, image import, font and typesetting can be adjusted by various visual options. For example: at the top of the page there will be a sliding ruler, and by adjusting the scale, the design will be quickly re arranged to the target size. You can also set a "critical point" to mark a state. You should replace the content instead of simply rearranging it.

    Beauty Group founder Wang Xing so many years of Internet business career can be used to express four words. He has done many SNS projects, has experienced the school funds broke, had to sell, but also experienced the "no", but finally rely on the U. S. team strong success.


    of course, later he found a good project. We all know that the campus is a replica of America’s Facebook. At that time there have been a number of similar SNS and internal competition, such as a and 5Q, but the school network to do fast, soon became the market share of the first social networking site. But in the end there was no money on campus

    , an Froont funded by Inventure, today released an open beta version designed to simplify the process of responding to web design in a code free manner. In the past, designers and program monkeys would communicate with PS prototypes instead of visual elements and drag and drop interfaces generated by CSS/HTML. In fact, Froont may even be expected to eliminate the involvement of programmers and comrades in the drafting phase of design and prototyping.

    on 2003, Wang Xing suspended his studies from the University of Delaware and led his brother Wang Huiwen to return home and start his own business. Not programming, self-study programming, continuous several projects, but also failed several projects in succession.


    but traditional web design and division of labor are rather bad in response design. Want to display the site on a pile of static Photoshop on various devices, the designer must make a lot of compromise. One solution is to get designers to work with front-end programmers to implement the Photoshop prototype in HTML/CSS, so that it has a more intuitive effect. However, the operation will be repeated adjustments, the design confused.

    this is different, Froont’s idea is to re design the designer returned to the hands, through the visual elements to create the actual design, and these elements is generated by HTML/CSS, and then stored in the cloud. As a result, it’s easy to see and share results on a variety of devices. When the designer will design to developers, will not be static pictures and the like, but the HTML/CSS in a clean manner or is completed, Froont company said the Facebook website ".


    responsive Web Design – a single version of the web design that adapts to the screen display of different devices – is very popular right now. A variety of thriving mobile device and the desktop computer is one of the obvious reasons. Because it is necessary to cover the audience as much as possible, and to preserve the experience of different device users, responsive design is a very attractive solution for web design.

    serial entrepreneur Wang Xing

    although there are many visualization tools for all phases of the design at present, Adobe Reflow is similar to Froont in solving the responsive design in the HTML/CSS phase. The main difference, Froont says, is that it can run directly in the browser, allowing immediate team members, customers and developers to see results, and also better >

    Chinese have been a bit of a taboo against failure since ancient times. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of the Chinese enterprises, many entrepreneurs are carnival people and media holding altar, but once encountered problems, will soon be mercilessly questioned, criticized, big and big.

    in 1999, I went to Silicon Valley for the first time. It was the first wave of Internet mania. In those days, the world regarded Silicon Valley as a mecca for global innovation. But the most important word I hear about Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley is "tolerance for failure."". Silicon Valley especially encourages young people to start their own business, because in their opinion, young people can not afford to lose their business. Worst of all, you can go back and get a job. As for venture capital, the most wonderful thing is that they will tell you that they will fail. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have failed, but can have a deep review and reflection of failure, and let VCs believe that they have learned the entrepreneur is more welcome by venture capitalists.

    returned home, I saw China’s first wave of Internet start-ups. At that time, the Internet was blank in China, and venture capitalists were more willing to invest in entrepreneurs who had already had successful experiences. The simplest is those with the American elite qualifications China students; of course most of their money boondoggle, and of those who think the most God’s favored one silent, rarely experience stage a comeback. Of course there are exceptions, the achievements of the myth of millet Lei Jun, Wang Xing finally tieshukaihua groups in the United States on the project, Kang Jingwei became the lead Comtech core city industrial electricity supplier in the market of Alibaba. They are not so "successful" experience, but at the end of two to three times after the toss and eventually became immortal, not blind, the opposite is based on failure of accumulated experience, insight into the law, which held a savings of resources.

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    How local classified information network to promote the collection of personal webmaster choice

    By on

    second, to operate a local information website must have a certain amount of money, although the network business can start empty-handed, but this myth often just a legend, I also believe that such a myth, but later I completely denied, perhaps my ability did not reach the realm of Superman, because this kind of website promotion is not said a few soft can be solved, or on the main line of the extension, for example even to the high streets and back lanes to attach print ads, print fee so a few cents also need to invest, but such propaganda is not posted a could be effective, must be timed to attach, almost the next day to our website stick. About 100 a day, we have our own printer costs about 5 minutes. This is just one way to promote and organize regular gathering of friends, although all is AA, but you should go to have to spend some of their activities so each week.

    after operation of my people network station in Dushan for more than a year, with reference to a lot of successful predecessors of site operation experience, operation encountered difficulties, are summarized in this article, I hope to help the struggle "promotion" "acquisition" personal webmaster.

    first, to the website operation must have good team, it is not possible, this I experience. Because a person is unlikely to be completed at the same time promotion and information collection task.

    then I read an article, the author can not remember now, "information website, we must first do content, traffic will own >

    third, website promotion and information collection must not be a person to do, because do not promote only once, to do regularly. Collect information engineering is more difficult, must go to collect every day. If a person to do these two jobs, I want to do well in what is not, and that within a month you will be exhausted.

    early station, I had the naive idea, online download, rent a room, buy a domain name can open the station. Contact the field after the discovery, personal webmaster want to run a website on this scale is very difficult, or even impossible to perform. Well, here is not the suspense, the following simple talk about my views.

    classified information network, perhaps a lot of people are considered to be the best kind of Web site operators, in fact, especially the local classification information website operation is more difficult.

    of course I once read an article in Dongguan wood supervisor said, "information website is mainly to do the promotion, there will be a natural person to send information", I tried, but failed. Perhaps the local network awareness of our website in is not so strong, to carry out a week visiting rate is 600ip, but there is no published information. But the bounce rate 99% webmaster statistics.

    through the above three points, we can see that the site still need team, at least 3 people team, a gathering, a promotion, a business.

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