Palma Travel has created charter-package arrangements for Dubrovnik with departures from Zagreb and Ljubljana

November 18, 2020

first_imgThus, the first charter flight from Ljubljana with 76 passengers, who are accommodated in Dubrovnik hotels, landed in Dubrovnik yesterday. By the way, the line from Ljubljana, which did not exist so far, is planned every Thursday, in the period from June 25 to October 1. Organized by the Croatian travel agency Palma travel doo and the Slovenian travel agency Palma doo, charter-package arrangements have been created for Dubrovnik with departures from Zagreb and Ljubljana every Thursday until October 1.10.2020, XNUMX. 180 Croatian and Slovenian guests are expected in Dubrovnik every week Dubrovnik tourist workers – join the promotion of the line The line from Ljubljana is a new line that has not existed so far, so we are more than satisfied with the first response and demand in Slovenia. However, the campaign has just started and we expect good demand, points out Čanaglić and adds: “Precisely in order to, due to the specifics of this season and the global situation in which we find ourselves, do something good for domestic guests, to help partner hoteliers in an area that almost “lives” exclusively from foreign guests who are now gone, and generally start Croatian tourism, we decided in negotiations with partners to create a package that includes a return flight Zagreb – Dubrovnik – Zagreb every Thursday starting from 2.7. until 1.10.2020., all air taxes + luggage, 7 nights in the selected hotel (from 3 to 5 *, from the service of bed and breakfast to all inclusive), tourist taxes, complete service in the destination (transfer, representative, possibility of excursion) . Specifically, the first departures and arrangements start from 3.070 kn per person”Points out Dalibor Čanaglić from the Palma Travel agency. By the way, I think that the big mistake of our tourism is that we easily reject the domestic guest, especially in the pre- and post-season, let alone this year in the current situation. It was the local guests who generated consumption this part of the season in the interior of Istria, where caterers and winemakers point out that domestic guests have saved them in the previous part of the season.  “Last booking is currently present in Slovenia, where Slovenians decide to travel at the last minute, ie 10 days before departure, booking and payment is made. So it is still difficult to talk about booking for September, but if the epidemiological situation is favorable, we expect an increase in the arrival of Slovenian tourists on the Adriatic. The state of booking is extremely influenced by the day-to-day media reports as well as the statements of epidemiologists, both from Croatia and Slovenia. If no one says anything for a day or two, people live normally and book their vacations, and as soon as the media announces an increase in new cases, the booking stops immediately. ” pointed out Čanaglić. We know that for years, a 7-day vacation in Dubrovnik has been almost inaccessible for a domestic guest, primarily due to high accommodation prices, fast occupancy, the price of arrival at the destination, expensive non-board consumption, etc. with a flight from Zagreb, as well as from Ljubljana. From next Thursday, a 319-seat Airbus 180 is planned, and a press trip of Slovenian and Croatian journalists and partners organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Palma agency is also planned, in order to further promote and bring the whole project closer. Of course, 4 million Croats (ie half less according to CBS data / In 2019, 54% of the Croatian population aged 15 and over went on private multi-day trips ) cannot replace the 20 million arrivals of foreign tourists, but they can certainly be a great base for extending the season, generators of certain tourist spending and ultimately the motive for the arrival of foreign tourists because no one wants to come to a destination “dead” out of season. As Dubrovnik is dependent on air flights, this is a good opportunity for all Dubrovnik tourist workers to promote this line through their own channels, because they will additionally contribute to the promotion of the same. And that’s a win-win for everyone, because if demand is weak, the line will logically shut down. Synergy across the chain is key. Photo: Dubrovnik Airport Find out more about Palma Travel with flights from Zagreb and Ljubljana to Dubrovnik HERE Dubrovnik is directly dependent on air travel last_img

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