Sexual misconduct reported at Notre Dame

January 26, 2021

first_imgAn incident of sexual misconduct was reported to Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) on Friday, according to an email sent to the Notre Dame community early Saturday morning. The alleged incident occurred on the sidewalk between Leahy Drive and the D Bulla Parking Lot around 11:30 p.m. Friday, the email said.According to the email, the victim said the perpetrator — described as a white man in his 20s or 30s around 5-foot-8 with a ”somewhat stocky build” — turned around and followed her after initially passing her while walking in the opposite direction. The man then “engaged in non-consensual sexual contact” with the victim and ran away, the email said.NDSP included a photo of the suspect — who had not been located by the police yet at the time the community received the email — in the email, which shows him wearing a baseball cap and a dark brown or black jacket with light brown on the shoulders and top of the arms. The email asked anyone with information about the incident to contact NDSP at 574-631-5555.Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault are available online from NDSP and from the Title IX office.Tags: NDSP, sexual misconductlast_img

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