Children’s paradise to retain repeat customers

March 14, 2017

keep a repeat, far more than the development of a new customer to spend less money and energy, each of which is a shop operator’s knowledge, however, keep coming back is not so easy to do, often require operators can hold more operating skills. So, how to retain children’s paradise repeat customers?

"it’s not easy to get some customers and play again."!" This is a common problem faced by many children’s playground. Because tourists are not ideal, how much I do television advertising, publicity, network publicity, square station etc. high-speed roadside billboards, and even distribute leaflets, engage in promotional activities to do, it does bring a lot of new customers, but before long, will restore the original appearance, the tourists still scarce. Shishinanliao, this would be short-lived business, to do so, how to retain customers often play?

for those who can not keep the customer’s children’s paradise, sometimes advertising is not as good as doing good service! In the children’s growing homogenization of the era, no good equipment competition, children’s business secrets depends on soft power, the staff of high quality and service level to the customer as the center of all kinds of recreation projects in two parts. The service quality of children’s staff includes professional skills, politeness and humanity service; take the customer as the center, is to consider the feelings of tourists, tourists to respect for the premise, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the game of tourists, tourists to play the effect of ecstasy.

people in communication about "first impression", children’s first impression of the tourists equally important, after the visitors first played in a children’s paradise, the heart unconsciously will quietly to your children’s Park rating scores, not up to direct pass good scores, the second to consider this is the time, stay back off the difficult reason.

parents bring their children to the children’s playground to play, the primary criterion for the evaluation of children’s paradise is to play cool upset, after playing not to come, often more or less affected by the point of injustice, the service is not satisfactory grievances. See, people come to the children’s Park is to find happiness, wronged that terrible? In other words, you can point your rides, as long as the price tag is good, it is important to let people play Hi, so over a period of time you can think of a natural paradise for children is good, can not help but want to come and play.

so, if a children’s paradise wants to let the customer play again later, do a good job is a very important factor, no one customer will play again after the situation is not satisfied again. Therefore, if you want to successfully run a children’s paradise, while trying to retain more repeat customers, you need to do a good job oh.

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