How to set up a micro shop in the classification of goods to teach you to shop

March 19, 2017

do you want to open a micro shop? Or you have registered a micro shop belonging to their own, but not very familiar with the inside pages, do not know how to manage. You can set up new products in the micro store and manage them, so that you will have a more sense of micro shop. A lot of friends are asking, how to set up a micro shop in the classification of goods? In response to this problem, Xiaobian for everyone listed the following steps:

A, login micro shop management background, click on the menu on the left side of the commodity management, classification management and select sub menu.

two, click on the right side of the new classification of functional areas.

three, input commodity classification name and click the save.

four, the classification of goods created successfully.


editor: edit category name.

to move: the classification of goods to move.

move down: the classification of goods moving downward.

delete: delete the classification of goods.


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