May Day holiday 7 below (including the 7) of small buses free access

March 20, 2017

51 small holiday this year, the province on the following 7 (including 7) small buses to implement free access, time from May 1st to 0 at 24 on May 3rd.

in order to ensure the safe and smooth lane during the May Day holiday, the Toll Station Lane will be fully opened, there are full-time staff to divert traffic diversion, ETC Lane guidance. The toll stations will be implemented 24 hours on duty, and actively do civilized persuasion, convenience services.

for individual toll stations may occur during free congestion situation, the Provincial Bureau of the relevant departments will jointly ease the congestion toll station entrances and exits, timely guidance of vehicle diversion.

Provincial Executive Board to remind the majority of the Secretary of staff, 51 small holiday travel vehicles are more, please the majority of the Secretary of the staff in advance planning a good trip line. Please wait patiently when you encounter congestion, do not take the emergency lane.


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