Comprehensive deepening reform carried out Xining, a number of reforms in the forefront of the provi

March 21, 2017

in accordance with provincial reform and opening up highland, reform at the forefront of the province ", Xining city to do the" plus "and" minus "and" release "and" tube "article, the city’s economic, ecological, cultural, social, political and Party building in five areas of the reform in key areas of reform a number of concurrent block, walk in the forefront of the province.

this year, Xining adhere to the lead, development oriented, problem oriented, people oriented, the implementation of the reform of the door". The establishment of the Xining Municipal Committee of comprehensive deepening of reform leading group, issued the "Xining 2014 comprehensive deepening reform programme of action", 28 reform tasks in 7 aspects: first to start in the province, the introduction of "municipal comprehensive deepening of reform leading group work points" in 2014, the full deployment of the 76 reform tasks of the 15 aspects, and into the target assessment.

The implementation of

in Xining City, the decentralization, changing functions as the deepening reform of the chess upper hand, announced administrative approval "power list", the 37 departments of the administrative examination and approval reduced from 342 to 130 (including 30 provincial departments, 62%), streamlined streamlined range for most of the province. June in the national capital city launched the first industrial investment negative list system, non industrial investment negative list has been formulated and implemented; promote the ecological areas of reform, and promote the national water ecological civilization city pilot construction; carry out the government in areas related to people’s livelihood 11 projects in 15 categories in the purchase of services.

innovative city construction financing mechanism, new rural poverty alleviation mechanism of financial services and financial system reform, Xining municipal sludge to determine the initial financing plan of 10 million yuan for the centralized processing project, launched the industry financial poverty alleviation loans, Yijiangdaibu, equity investment, financial incentives and other diversified investment and financing system. At present, the administrative examination and approval system, industrial and commercial registration, deepen the community service system, the establishment of a negative list system, grading clinics two-way referral and other reforms in the forefront of the province. The reform of state-owned enterprises diversified equity, the comprehensive reform of the service industry, city construction financing mechanism, financial services, rural poverty alleviation mechanism for dealing with minor criminal cases mechanism, radio and television, the separation of management and wind social evaluation mechanism reform has made new breakthrough.

in March to the end of July, the city added 3236 types of enterprises, registered capital of 10 billion 871 million yuan, an increase of 93.54%, 192.4%. Since July, has been the three counties of the financial support for the poor of the pilot villages in the field of more than 1700 yuan of loans, the annual loan is expected to be $70 million 15.


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