Third college entrance examination Cup green ribbon love to send test public service activities star

March 21, 2017

6 month 4 days, the theme of "gifts of roses, fragrance in hand; love, help the college entrance examination" and "green ribbon" charity event kicked off in Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum square. Hundreds of vehicles from Qinghai Haiyan love music tourism company team and the community of caring people will be composed of the free shuttle to students during the college entrance examination entrance examination.

the event by the Qinghai college entrance examination, Qinghai Haiyan music Tourism Company Co sponsored. Qinghai Yi Jie Jie film and television culture media Co., Ltd., Qinghai Zhicheng cultural industry development co.. In order to do this love to send test activities, Qinghai college entrance examination network and Qinghai Haiyan music travel company as early as two weeks ago has started the preparatory work for driving skilled drivers and 30 suitable models and part of the community of caring people from hundreds of car travel company fleet screening for special training for drivers go to the room, and the Capitol, to determine the route, grasp the road, to be no danger of anything going wrong. In order to facilitate the identification of candidates, love to send test each body are affixed with eye-catching green ribbon and music travel team love send test logo.

Qinghai Haiyan music travel company official told reporters, during the college entrance examination in Xining city as long as the candidates with entrance ticket free ride a "green ribbon" and "post moving music travel team" Id love to send test car to remote areas of the candidates, the company’s synoecy Inn be free accommodation.

to ensure that the love to send test activities can accurately help each of the need to help the college entrance examination students, the public welfare activities for the candidates to provide free delivery service. Qinghai college entrance examination candidates can advance through the network and the Qinghai Haiyan moving music tourism public

division Tel: 0971 – – 5120177177097877074009989589 registration appointment, after the arrangement of the real person and vehicle designated transfer.


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