Add 222 thousand fixed broadband users in our province

April 8, 2017

2016 years, the Provincial Communications Authority in accordance with the Ministry of industry and information technology, the provincial government’s decision to deploy, optimize the development environment in the efforts to seek a breakthrough in the construction of information and communications infrastructure, continue to promote the reform of the supply side information and communication industry, form the basis of quality, dynamic stability, development of foot, increasing the size of the information the development of a new form of communication.

up to now, the total length of optical cable line reached 165 thousand km, an increase of 21.3%. Internet broadband access ports reached 2 million 597 thousand, an increase of 43.8%. The mobile phone number of base stations reached 30 thousand, an increase of 20%; the province’s fixed broadband users increased by 222 thousand, reaching 966 thousand, 3G/4G (mobile broadband) the number of users added 203 thousand households, a total of 3 million 701 thousand users; the network available download speeds of up to 9 trillion and 480 billion bits per second, the same ratio increased by 41.92%, the network video available download speeds of up to 7 trillion and 280 billion bits per second 17.23%, an upgrade of network, the first screen rendering time is shortened to 1.07 seconds, up by 52.65%; the province’s information consumption reached 24 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for 24 billion of the annual plan of 101.7% yuan. Expected annual information consumption scale will be more than 26 billion yuan.


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