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April 17, 2017

children to a certain age, you need to eat rice flour, coupled with the attention of parents for their children, so that the baby rice market has a lot of big brands. For this reason, many mothers have begun to focus on the situation of baby rice, but rice and milk powder, the brand is very much, how should we choose? Baby rice noodles which brand is good? In fact, a true sense of the baby rice noodle table is not some simple parameters can be summarized, different brands of rice flour contains different nutrients.

baby rice noodles which brand is good? No1- Topfer

te Fufen organic Rice noodles

te Fufen organic Rice noodles with organic food as the main raw material, adding infant growth essential vitamins and minerals and organic fruits, in accordance with the needs of the development of children’s growth and development Chinese. The raw materials come from the organic farm in Germany, the crops do not use chemical fertilizers, do not use pesticide pesticides, do not use growth regulators, no transgenic technology and access to Germany, the EU organic certification. According to the mothers reflect te Fufen organic Rice noodles taste, like the baby, and the baby safe eating organic Rice noodles.

baby rice noodles which brand is good? NO2- Gerber

Rice noodles Jiabao

Gerber Jiabao is an American brand, already has 80 years of experience in the production of Rice noodles. Garbo Rice noodles very natural taste, pure natural, exquisite taste, rich nutrition, easy to swallow, digestion and absorption of the baby. According to the baby to eat Rice noodles moms Jiabao Jiabao Rice noodles naturally, after eating the baby is healthy, but because Rice noodles do not add sugar, sweet and Rice noodles than other light, the baby may need a process of adaptation

baby rice noodles which brand is good? NO3- Heinz Heinz rice flour

Heinz rice flour is rich in the growth and development of a variety of nutrients needed to help the baby’s healthy growth, to help improve the baby’s immune function, without adding preservatives. Have to give the baby to eat Heinz rice flour, the mother said, most of the Heinz rice noodles taste good, the price is not high, the baby likes to eat. Is liver vegetables, taste is not good, the baby does not eat

baby rice noodles which brand is good? NO4-

Rice noodles iwi

iwi Rice noodles to high-quality rice as raw material, fine powder, taste mellow, rich in nutrients, advanced production technology and health, the bag is more convenient and more secure. According to the baby to eat baby moms iwi Rice noodles easy to eat, eat pretty baby, but it tastes too fresh inside seasoning, will affect the baby zinc absorption.

baby rice noodles which brand is good? NO5- Nestle Nes>

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