Environmentally friendly shopping bags can be degraded to bring real business opportunities

April 28, 2017

in order to promote the cause of environmental protection, the state has introduced a variety of related policies, and for the supermarket to buy environmentally friendly shopping bags to provide the issue has also triggered a heated debate of the public. Green shopping bags can really bring different entrepreneurial opportunities?

why is the plastic bag, and the thickness is greater than 0.025 mm was dubbed the name of environmental protection, and not in the scope of the disabled? Ma Fusheng believes that a thickening of the bag is immensely strong and can hold more things to reduce the use of plastic bags; another reason is, according to the national standard, the plastic bag a about 10 grams of weight, for recycling, recycling more value.

has been Beijing Huanludi plastic shopping bag production is the standard. However, after the plastic limit order, this is consistent with the standard plastic bags sales decreased by 30%~40%. The reason: the original plastic bags after the beginning of the charges, some consumers began to use recycled non-woven bags.

a time setting can be non-woven bag recycling bags seems to be a substitute, and non-woven bag suppliers such as take out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Guangzhou environmental protection bag factory sales practice, said that now do a lot of non-woven bags of such enterprises, the competition has been very intense, but the cost is rising, so the profit margins in the lower.

in Malaysia fussa view, actually non-woven bags did not fundamentally solve the problem of environmental protection. Although non-woven bags can be used many times, from this point of view is environmentally friendly, but non-woven may not be able to degrade. Ma Fusheng said that non-woven fabrics can be degraded, mainly to see what it is made of raw materials, what is the process? At present, most of the raw materials of non-woven fabrics are PP (Chinese name is polypropylene), while PP is completely non degradable. From this point of view, it is not the same as the previous plastic bags, not to mention environmental protection.

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