See the Chinese version of late night dining room how to play the earth

May 30, 2017

Japan < < > > night canteen; about only a small restaurant opened only in the middle of the night, the boss make different food according to customer requirements, each dish has a wonderful and extraordinary life story. Yes, eating is a never ending story. In China there is such a open in the early morning, late night dining room nine to two o’clock in the morning stall supper market, commonly known as the Chinese version of the late night dining room, then it will play in the second half?

| case |

a design supper supper experiment

as a polytechnic male Curve Wrecker with city planning designer of the black hat, before cross dry food does not have to do with this.

He opened the restaurant

starting point is very simple, designers often stay up late to work overtime, near a takeaway food taste of the food stalls circle, the next day’s diarrhea, can not find a hot homemade taste. He simply went back to Zhengzhou opened a restaurant, dedicated to love to stay up late crowd custom delicious supper.

so listed, you can put this kind of high force grid "late night dining room" and traditional night market linked up?

24 years old in Zhengzhou by the end of year of fate, black hat six road bar street opened a "Li night canteen", 17 square 9 seats, from the beginning of the evening business until three in the morning, the main hot surface, and the boss in charge of the sorrowful rice creative Home Dishes, service designers, advertising and media the two dimension, Wen Qing, and adorable girl clubbing Master, have strong attribute theme restaurant.


, black hat night canteen has experienced three upgrades:

2014 in July, Li Ji food 300 square by six road (community store) opened, focusing more young trendsetter;

2016 in February, the Agricultural Road shop opened, serving more community residents and office space white-collar workers;

2016 in August, after six road upgraded to become "in the church" food "to the pub, cross bar + restaurant" powder.

three brand names are different, but are positioned as forced grid of food + social supper space.

founder of black hat, operating peak at 20 to 22 points. He has been studying the drinks and meals accounted for (Li Ji food 1:3 in hall 1:1, the future will increase the proportion of drinks, food) to Li Ji as an example, during the 2016 European Cup wine sales growth of 150% – 200%, the catering industry faces the common "three high and one low pressure, do catering to join the pub is also >