The three pioneering road of peasant scientists

June 2, 2017

few entrepreneurs have not experienced entrepreneurial failure, Li Kunxue is such a farmer scientist. He tried two times after the failure, no gas is not hungry, through independent research, obtained a number of patents, and successfully opened crystal equipment company.

1994, Li Kunxue to work in Shenzhen, the first exposure to crystal processing equipment. In 1998, he returned to Huishui for the first time to start a business, due to lack of experience, and soon failed.

this venture, Li Kunxue designed his first generation of crystal processing equipment. However, due to lack of funds and other reasons, entrepreneurship or failed to end, Li Kunxue again migrant workers.

"penny stumped hero han. There is no technology has troubled me for a long time." Li Kun theory, in 2012, he returned home for the third time, is to catch up with the strong support of entrepreneurial innovation in Guizhou a good time, financing difficult to solve.

"2013 to 2015, I learned from the County Rural Credit Cooperatives loans totaling about 3000000 yuan, built " technology equipment – " " Dragon " industry chain." Li Kun theory.

"now, my goal has two: one is to drive people around to increase employment, another is the study of robot, continue my dream invention." Li Kun theory.