How to open a successful Deli

June 24, 2017

said that although the catering industry has always been the gold industry unbeaten, but now the business of the people has been very much, resulting in the industry’s competition is very intense, there is a mistake, it is possible to fail, so how to operate, can make a successful Deli?

1, the right mentality

2, the right place

location is almost the most important factor in all the boss recognized. In general, the store is not near to the office building, is a bustling business district, or to many people in the main roads or near the crossroads, a pure residential area is usually not suitable for the store to open. Of course, there is not near the same or similar stores also must pay attention to, after all, many competitors will be diluted profits.

3, cordial service

4, cooked food store business hours

5, delicious food

Although most of the

6, active recommendation popularity

7, proper decoration and equipment

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