Stubborn cattle beef to join the new trend of entrepreneurship

July 5, 2017

now the global economy into the lag period, entrepreneurship is not so smooth business, catering industry is ushered in a new era of diversified development. How to lead the new era under the new conditions of the new fashion, this test is not only the entrepreneur’s courage and resourcefulness, but also more important is whether entrepreneurs have the ability to seize the market foresight.

in the face of consumers, the foot of the beef has been a snack from the price sensitive to the value of sensitive, what to eat what to become the most headaches. It can be said that the beef on the one hand reflects the new era of the entire social consumption culture.

consumers to follow the orientation of the new brand of food and beverage stores is about to follow the direction of the big business, the essence of the food is not expensive to eat, the future competition lies in the forefront of differentiation, the ultimate efficiency of the background. Simple to foot the beef, the price is not expensive, taste delicious, eat healthy consumer pursuit, so stubborn cattle foot "beef soup pot" juice "" health "and" big bone soup "no additives and so on characteristics of publicity, will allow diners to go to experience more comfortable, more trust.

addition, in store decoration also can carry out a series of open the brain hole play, upgrade the theme of environment "shop king", for example: along the Sichuan leisure, Sichuan food culture experience, new stores can be designed into a "tea table" of "one district one" mahjong "a" Sichuan "a shop in a youth consumers into the store to experience Sichuan’s unique cultural connotation, consumption quota will be presented to Sichuan culture or landscape postcards, collect after the mysterious gift.

strive to achieve in stubborn cattle, consumers are no longer simply eat a bowl of beef, but also to experience the unique Sichuan culture. This store layout and decoration effect is no longer in order to design and design, but let the foot of beef more stores have more imagination, story, Sichuan culture, with the practical value to enhance the consumer experience a sense of consumption, in order to have a more lasting vitality.

for consumers, who foot beef appeal not only food safety and health, should have more food yan value pursuit, stubborn cattle foot beef upgrading from the menu, utensils, clothing, service etiquette and other aspects, let the dishes more "beauty" to attract consumers into the store.

market is the accumulation of popularity, popularity is the attractiveness of the performance, attractive by the foot of the beef itself is the tension. Most of the time, people prefer not the product itself, but the environment where the product is located, and the cultural connotation of the environment. In the summer of 2016 to build the business for running and opened the gap with rivals, the stubborn cattle lame beef joined for the operation of the escort of entrepreneurs, we have innovation, worthy of your letter.

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