What does the 809 generation represent

July 14, 2017

80 literally refers to the 80 to 89 years of the birth of the crowd, the 88 year I called ninth generation solid, called the "809 generation", this is my name, it is from the literal meaning, but I want to make is that it has a deeper meaning, refers to those who have dreams, passion thinking, thinking, understanding, grasp the market demand, network technology, and has very strong executive power to the network applications to market demand to exchange wealth for their Internet entrepreneurs, here the emphasis is on the executive, tend to refer to 80, the network stage now really is 80 for the most. This article Adsense network starting, such as reprint, please do not modify, and marked from webmaster network.

now the Internet is more and more prosperous, the Internet is further serving the Internet users, and the 80’s, along with the prosperity of the Internet has grown up, and now the Internet world is 80 percent of the masters. Li Xiang, Mao Kankan, Dai Zhikang, this is the first after 80 network gold digger, they take the initiative, the use of the network for their own short time to create amazing wealth. It is their success, their wealth has ignited the current tens of thousands of Internet gold diggers. Let them associate with wealth, have dreams for the future, and take action to join the ranks of the webmaster. This includes students in the school, even the office workers who have been divided by their books, because the temptation to create wealth is too great and they are eager to do so.

, but now the network gold rush is not as simple as before. It was full of opportunities before. You have the idea and do it. It is probably the first in the industry. There is a certain inevitability of success. But not only is there less and less opportunity, but success is getting harder and harder. Of course, in the future will continue to appear network success, but also a minority, the only few of the future success and success, before the pay of what others can not do.

Now the

network panners most ideas theory, but is the lack of execution, and it is the executive power is the key to profitable website, positioning is accurate, the operation of the site, to explore the profit model of the site, each step cannot do without execution, can be said to have execution can talk about the future of the site, the lack of executive force not to speak too much.

now many confused friends, confused in what website, how to site positioning, or after the station, do not know how to profit. Because after the needs of people especially the details of the demand is not very understanding, it can be said that the demand is not very understanding, this is the cause of an era, is the reason for the growth of the age of 80, now people, or that is to do the site visit group needs a lack of understanding. This is not understand, will make you confused in website localization, and because of the lack of understanding, and often make some mistakes often made the wrong strategy, the profit model. In fact, you just take the initiative to communicate with them, to observe, to analyze their psychology, to understand

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