The ten principle helps you better use web analytics tools

July 15, 2017


this article came from a speech at the CWA & WAW conference in Guangzhou in May 28th, entitled "rational use of web analytics tools". The speech was 30 minutes, but it covered many aspects, so some friends secretly told me that I didn’t understand it. This topic may take 2 to 3 hours before I can make it clear, so I think it’s necessary to start a new article.


website analysis tools are essential weapons for website analysis. Since the history of Web Analytics has been unveiled, Web Analytics has been indistinguishable from tools. The level of tool utilization determines the level of website analysis to a great extent.

, but there’s a big misunderstanding, and the better the tools, the better it will be for web analytics. I’ve used it. It may be the most advanced tool in the world, but I know the advanced tools and the advanced analysis of websites are two entirely different things. I know that if you don’t follow the ten principles of the use of your tools, any tool you may have taken the analysis. This is like AK47 is a powerful weapon to kill, but the muzzle is entirely possible to yourself.

rule 1: don’t use tools beyond your capabilities,

as far as I can see, the power of a web analytics tool is directly proportional to its complexity. Behind the powerful, it means more flexible customization capabilities, and customization can only be done by people. Good customization depends on three points:

you have a clear grasp of your business;

you have a clear grasp of this tool;

you have a clear grasp of the relationship between your business and your website’s performance.

, these three points, cough…… For most of our friends, they are extremely demanding. Same to me. I can’t say I have a clear grasp of the business. It takes a lot of time to understand and understand the industry and the inside of the company. This requires understanding. On the other hand, people who have a clear understanding of the business may not be able to gain insight into the tools. Business and Tech are like two different languages, using the left and right brains to think separately. My friend Lizzy Fan’s boss, Yi Shi (CEO of AVAZU) is such a person, so he was extremely successful, but there are so few people, in short, I am difficult to touch. After that, you also have a deep understanding of the relationship between your business and your web site performance, which is equally difficult.


I’ve seen a lot of Companies in China using Omniture’s flagship analysis tool, SiteCatalyst, but it doesn’t actually work better than Google Analytics, or even GA. If you’re just using simple functionality, then it’s true that GA might be better on the user experience

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