Novice friends do not go into the station misunderstanding

July 15, 2017

the mood has been difficult to calm down for a few days, is it joy? Or do you finally get some returns on the website, and all this is just a seemingly empty IP?. Since the movie station was started in 08 November 13th, the average daily IP is close to 1000. I’m a great cook and I can’t write anything, but now many friends are looking for a way out of the Internet for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they are hobbies, or they are helpless. Today, write these things, but also for new friends who do stand a little reference, after all, I just started from March 08 contact Adsense this industry. The road twists and turns is not to say, can only say that others see that we are standing in booming but can not see behind us scars, see lively website development, but not to pay the owners of the unknown to the public figure. Not do not know, once thought that everything is so simple, and now as a webmaster really appreciate all the bitterness of the seemingly prosperous network behind and how much to pay? I do stand experience this a few months to write about.

did you walk into the wrong place,


a lot of new friends who do the station, first want is as much publicity website, do more links, and SEO optimization. But it was because of our hurry that we came into this series of seemingly easy misunderstandings.

1, propaganda website is indispensable, but we should pay attention to quality. For example: many novice webmaster to Baidu post post, when they finished that there will be a lot of traffic, well, maybe a short time you will soar into the hundreds of traffic, but then you will usher in Baidu’s ruthless censorship, so there are a lot of people say to Baidu post hair thing, I don’t agree. But I think Baidu knows it’s good to do something about it, but remember, the content must be real, and you can advertise your content instead of using your website to advertise your content. Remember is that in Baidu know the post must be not too much daily, or the same will be K off or shielding, so it is counterproductive. Is the forum website articles to have a way of publicity (can be soft, can also be a valuable thing) this kind of publicity, (including free resource network) the first point or pay attention to your content must be fine, don’t let the management see dislike you, if you send a lot of useful the last thing with one of your links they will not because it is a link to the content deleted after all those things of great value.

2, SEO optimization to you? New friends stand always love chaos optimization, but also may not be chaos optimization is not always reasonable, by virtue of their sense of casual hastily optimize these keywords, and caption. Many friends said that I have a website content, but included rarely, this may be related to your SEO page and website, the content must be a keyword and title, text, or Baidu search engine will think you are cheating on them for a long time may take you straight out of K. We >

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