According to the experience in the development of science CMS plugin automatically aggregated data k

July 25, 2017

share news articles, pictures, animation, video, ask and answer according to the automatic keyword aggregate data CMS plug-in production experience sharing.

love aggregate many webmaster friends are more familiar with the locomotive, many webmaster friends are very familiar with, of course, is the problem of acquisition system for CMS friends are more familiar with the technology. For the problem of background, we can not deny is very strong, but the lack of a function — Q & A (the acquisition function for the opening of question answering system users useful). In the early stage, we often collect some data, and then we go to manually add data, pseudo original data. Many webmaster can’t arrive early because the flow of time so there is no time to give up daily work, so Baidu search engine crawler crawler or other to eat less than the new data, so many of my friends are not thinking we could go to perform automatic collection or automatic polymerization.

many friends told us no matter through any form to perform a false original or original to the weight of the website or on the content of the keywords ranking will be helpful, not wrong, the problem I started wondering, what is the keyword or words to automatically change the title of the program in order to achieve the desired results, or through other forms of change to achieve the effect of. Later I passed and ( query is a summary of the results: in fact, Baidu index is a summary of the people search habits you want to find the information in the network, but also the user experience a general summary. So, in front of the title, we have an index that is closely related to the content. Is it a pseudo original for the title? Is there any help to the content of the website? The answer is yes.

then inspired me to development science CMS articles, pictures, animation, video, ask the plugin automatically according to the keywords polymerization based on the interest, is also a try, every day home from work on the development of the plug-in, hard for a week, the website can finally launched the test, starting from the website launched today in traffic the obvious rise (see chart), so I write this article and friends together to share the news.


Statistics (2011-01-16 screenshot of 9:23)

doesn’t talk about it. Let’s take a look at the idea of this aggregator:

l the whole station only needs to add an index keyword

to each column and the corresponding questionThe

L index term in the event (artificial access, access to search engine crawlers) automatically perform data trigger (articles, pictures, animation, video, q) polymerization, polymerization process data is distributed, so as not to delay the speed of the site.

l >

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