Building industry station master notes

July 25, 2017

quoted content: over four years from the original set goals, team members increase and decrease, for joy together I really don’t like powder is a kind of torture! I do not know you can remember our online shopping platform! (the most disgusting one ha) ­. I wonder if you ever remember our memory in Yuexiu (the fastest growing) ­. I don’t know if you ever remember our community business network, ­. Cui Ge, thanks for your company, as you said, you are my most assured! ­ Xu Ge, thanks for your trust and support, we continue to work hard! ­ Chi Ying, the two great men, Wang, 11, 0, and let us fight brother 3Q

set one’s mind at ease!!

University, former teammates, the people scattered, the team with the bad! ­ to live, have to eat, a cavity blood fill not the belly, I know! Only blame the development is too slow! Hope we have the opportunity to walk together. ­

06 years, university period before graduation, have a strong interest in the Internet, and know what they want in several events, what is the goal! (QQ at this time renamed the "Eagles"), and the development of the first five year plan (target and implementation plan will not say, because an important role in the target has been "killed"). Let oneself not worse than others, at least than the future of their own women strong!


­ ­ on the eve of graduation I lost in the case of Beijing in the "only child", Cui brother had passed the "Beijing week (Yousheng Boda" Jay Chou? Jielun?) of the interview, in July of the same year and brother Cui formal inauguration, began life in Beijing! Began the day, thanks to the master (Yhard brother) and Li Tou’s patience and guidance; thanks to the "only child" Cui brother didn’t put me on one side; thanks to visit and support her monthly (do not want to, you are afraid of tired and their heavy dedication), during the Beijing municipal Finance Bureau, I grew up feeling (high speed "high speed" Kazakhstan, then renamed the "wings") of course, the level of basketball is so bad.

this time, my brother, Cui and "only child"! Please tell me "on the same day, Jay Chou, Zhang HH Manager (HH:" how do I play? ", vigorously:" don’t worry, you behind the scenes ") led the" only child "and other people to kill Meng Taicang R & D center! So few people left behind, master of Beijing (Yhard) and pressure increase, a pile of " wipe " live in the oncoming, under the command of Ding Zong, the Beijing municipal government, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission, Beijing municipal Finance Bureau, the County Finance Bureau, the government of Haidian District, Chongwen the district government,

and so on!

Yhard I cry! Cry! How Beijing city outside ran over, the Yamenkou lunch I eat a lot! From now on, how much, frankly I can see (why not at home.

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