2 years, 500 million users, WF master key operating secret

July 25, 2017

two years without financing no promotion, 500 million users, Chen Danian is trying a different way of mobile, mobile Internet is slow and fast, whether the tool type App commercial

can get rid of the curse?


titanium media note: the Internet industry stresses fast, iterative update. There is a company is an exception, it is called WIFI master key, the number of users broken 500 million. A lot of people are not new to this product, but few mention it if they mention the founder of the product. But his name is known by many, and his brother is more well known, Chen Tianqiao, founder of Shanda, and the founder of the product is Chen Tianqiao’s brother – Chen Danian.

has never been in the public appearance of Chen Danian, in the WiFi master key when the number of users exceeded 500 million yuan, finally sit still, the first public appearance for the platform and the product. Two years of time, no financing no promotion, 500 million users, is how to do it? Chen Danian is trying a different way of mobile, mobile Internet is slow and fast, whether the tool type App commercial

can get rid of the curse?

, in Chen Danian’s view, relies on Tai Chi philosophy. Taijiquan emphasizes the firmness and flexibility, particularly when the soft soft, just when invincible, is slow and fast, a storage on road. Starting with the business, Chen Danian positioned the master key as a "slow company" in order to get ready…… "Commercial value" reporter Liu Hongjun made further detailed interviews, the full text will be published in the BT media, "business value" magazine 3 monthly, network starting titanium media:


WiFi master key, the first high-profile appearance, with a striking figure – 500 million users, 230 million month active users, the highest 2 million new users. According to this data calculation, the product has become the largest in addition to WeChat and QQ downloads of the top third mobile Internet products, the team has only 36 people so far.

founder Chen Danian WiFi manneungyulsoi has multiple identities, he is Chen Tianqiao’s younger brother, Shanda founder and director, is also a nutshell electronics, green and orange etc. many companies to raise public investors, the richest of Chinese regulars. But he identifies himself as "an old programmer who meets opportunities."". Two years ago, he started his two venture and spent 99% of his energy on polishing WiFi’s master key.


realized financial freedom, Chen Danian’s life had been in a long period of confusion. He loved photography, and after buying the best photographic equipment, he suddenly didn’t know what to do. There are two things that have the greatest impact on Chen Danian’s life – Buddhism and Tai chi. The former let him happy, make him the way. His grasp of the company’s rhythm was the same as the Enlightenment of his taijiquan.

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