ndividual stationmaster does not give up, just can succeed

July 28, 2017

06 years after graduation, went to the beautiful Hangzhou. At the heart of a great ideal and ambition, believe in Hangzhou will be able to find a good job, a career. But out of school, into the community to feel social competition. When trying to find a suitable for their own learning professional work, looking for a month have not found, think of " first employment, re employment; " graduate teacher. Later in the Kawai (Electrical) Hangzhou Co. Ltd. from the start line to the workshop staff, just really let himself unable to adapt. The first world class after two feet all day long legs tired, sore. Through their own efforts, culminating in the company’s stable, less than three months and successfully served as the monitor in the production line. After six months of work, the company internal recruitment, to have the opportunity to do his own company financial department The professional accounting work,.

may be fooled by fate, just promoted to the Ministry of finance work, but he was born a serious illness, because before the night shift, and develop bad habits. My stomach ruined, a man hanged three days of saline in the 117 hospital. Originally hoped oneself can work well in the company finance department, oneself also work overtime, do the thing, do the thing well. I do not know why I always appear a series of reading, and sometimes make statements, I obviously want to write A, after playing the report, it becomes B. The company is a Japanese managed foreign company. This is not a month, I intend to finance director good times don’t last long, go back to the previous department, but returned to the production manager, and refused to receive. Two difficult, under their own procedures for the departure. Now think of, but his body did not raise good, poor spirit, so there are so many accidents.

05 years for me is a disaster of the year, after the departure of the first half of the work has not been able to find a stable job, the end of the run to an Internet cafe to a strange combination of circumstances, with the most common administrator. The beginning of understanding the internet. At that time there are many Internet service providers to start a personal space service, you will set up a personal website space, website navigation is that at that time, also do not know what name, what is the space, not thinking of yourself to do a website.

06 years to 07 in the first half of this year, its own more love IT this one, from time to time in the study of computer network knowledge first, from a computer to only know fur member to become a professional Internet handyman technician. Before school in accounting, accounting professional, only learning simple UCDOS, WPS, CCED. Later, I simply learned the WINDOWS95 and OFFICE97 operations, and never went to the internet. The first day in the Internet bar to work, even don’t know oneself visit Internet Explorer, remember the first day learn to use QQ and chat with others, think the Internet is really great. 02 years to 04 years, my work is as unstable, but in the past two years, I learned to end myself, analysis of their own. Know what you are and what you are not good for

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