11 little-known network profit channels

July 28, 2017

‘s great idea has changed the web, and that’s no secret. Community websites and web applications are becoming more and more popular. Young entrepreneurs make a lot of money through contacts and simple ideas from the ground. Are you interested in becoming one of them,


dream is very simple: through careful planning and some free time, the creation of a wise idea, can a man like you and then added fortune. But where are these great ideas? Why do we always see clutter, not great new ideas? Where is the sapphire in the rust?

in fact, they’re at your feet. You just need to look a little more carefully. Here are 11 unpublished ideas. Study today and you’ll be rich tomorrow. Hurry up! The alarm clock has rung.

1. reverse work board

Mini Market: "buying and selling online"."

specific meaning: do you know the work boards on the Internet? It’s not employers who send ads, but job applicants.

trading principle: designers, developers, writers and so on any work can put forward requirements, and to such a person how much commission

feasible reason: more and more people are engaged in the network work, sometimes the work is very difficult to find and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could help you find a job? Especially if you knew someone needed a website or logo design, and when someone was looking for a design job.

source of income: fees for collecting commissions or collecting demand information or contacting data on a monthly basis.

2. community counseling

Mini Market: "YAHOO is responsible for the webmaster."."

specific meaning: AdSense for the proposed payment, and get opinions from experts from all walks of life web site.

trading principle: the webmaster pays the gold coins (or any other coins), then publish articles with screenshots of their own websites, and attach the desired goals. Community consultants offer advice and collect gold coins. Gold coins can be cashed or used to ask questions.

possible reasons: opinions and suggestions are important to improve your website. This method allows you to avoid paying someone with huge consulting fees, and you only need to pay for the small amount of the team. It will add value to you for a long time.

source of income: stationmaster buys gold coin. For example, the community provides 25 gold coins for the submission of Web sites. You can charge 5 gold coins, and the remaining 20 gold coins are paid to those who provide advisory services.

3. network debate

Mini Market: "the debate on Wikipedia."

specific meaning: debate fills every forum and website. They are hardly

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