Shanghai Wang Feng from the historical princes contend for hegemony, the current local gate warlords

July 31, 2017

The spring and autumn and Warring States

3000 years ago, the sound of rumbling chariots, still in the ears, and today’s Internet warlords battle going on. King Zhou Bo Baosi smile, "and promises to the world leaders play war lords, he smiled, died in the Western Zhou dynasty. Wen, Wu Wang Zhou Xing Zhou genechain suddenly come to nothing. Although the live in Luoyang, but has been every country playing in the applause. Qi HuanGong Jin to the order, and Lu, Chen, CAI and other more than 10 countries have the dominate the central plains. Jin Hui Gong promises to Qin, died. The son of heaven is good, and the princes are worth mentioning. The world and lose the world, but rely on is a "letter" word. The believers accumulated strength and finally settled disputes and unified the world.

"such as the night suddenly spring to thousands of pear trees". Now the local portal and warlords, has established the traditional tyrannical Telecom and China Netcom 10 years ago, such as: Tianfu hotline, Oriental hotline. There are also Beijing, 55BBS, 19 floor, Chinese network, such as the local forces have completely occupied the market. More Shanghai community in the short term, the traditional local portal tyrannical Ma upstart network. But where is the spring and autumn Dynasty rivalry disputes among sects, the wheel has just started. To win the trust of users, dominate in the territorial, expansion to the whole country, the whole world is to win the drums sounded.

, don’t fly then already, soar. But,

.This bird muddle-headed Chuzhuang Wang

, three years. In condemning and questioning sound, beyond the ancient Chu aspiring first king, became one of the spring and autumnwu BA ding. The Duke Guan has assisted, Jin, Zhao Jie Megatron Quartet has ruled ring. Young Chuzhuang Wang just ascended the throne no good available to people is poorly understood. The bucket is Yin Yue Jiao authoritarian tyranny, the fool, is likely to be regicide. Three years later, Dr. Wu Ju Su, from voice. To help out Zhuang Wang Xianliang, Yin Yue Jiao Dou, started the world hegemony.

now the Internet, after more than 10 years of development, various forms mature, single handedly fight the era of princes gone forever. To the world hegemony first to find their own people good, to find their own Jiang Ziya, Yang youji. Is the so-called, got a hard to find. Otherwise, let alone the world, that is, the territory is also difficult to make a difference.

two, dig deep. Broad grain. Slow kings

look at all the heroes who have achieved success in the world, and none of them have been forged by long and difficult trials. Qin Ying Zheng 221 BC unified China out of the six countries. The surface looks heroic Gaishi Ying zheng. But in order to unify the day, Qin spent 400 years. From one of the five Qinmu boarded the throne to King Qin Huiwenwang in 20 king Zheng Zhuqiang Xi Jin, crusades, killing more than 20 Rong family and Shang Yang’s political power.

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