The path of a college student’s stationmaster

July 31, 2017

I’m a college student, a silent college student from a two tier city in the middle of the country. May be in the ocean of Internet location to my position, but the vast network still appears after the entrance of my figure.05 years I looked at my score. The single know their university dream has very realistic shattered. Think you ten years of school career this is the end of May, Every cloud has a silver lining. or a vent two specially accepted me, but also lucky to be admitted to the professional computer and network have indissoluble bound since.

When the

college. Only feel how to learn computer. A professional ah. But later found out that students around basically is to learn computer. And a lot of people like learning a lot better than me. My grades you know best. Look at the principle that much of the text and code I found the original computer. How difficult ah? To make a beautiful website that is not easy. How should I lose interest in learning, just wandering in the Internet. With the odd jobs behind teacher butt. Just to rub the point in the room with free internet access time. Gradually from the teacher change the ASP website. The original found do not understand the code can also be useful Oh own website. Suddenly a great interest in the Internet. The day after day of silence for the free and open source code on the Internet Also learn something else. Hard work pays off. I won the first prize of the works at a school in the level of competition in the network. You know there are many undergraduate and graduate students in this stage of the competition. I also once in the school famous. Take your little bonus, heart happy later. After graduating from college with their excellent technical ability to walk past the local undergraduate. Not worse. (when I had some college or capital city).

I have more idle time undergraduate. Almost every day on the Internet. I also despise my teacher. Because of those things he told me already. And he is also proficient at the theoretical level. Then it is boring. Ready to engage in a website. But there is no idea what. Take my name to register a domain name on top of the discuz forum. But because of no direction. So now the website or idle. Huh. Then a college graduate students to do this for a IDC company. That can give me a free agent. At that time I what is the IDC of a confused. Because the previous get pure technology. Ha ha! But under the help of the students slowly learning important or make out their own agent platform, it embarked on the path of sales. In the beginning, earn a little money or I’m glad. But I found out that the competition was so fierce that I couldn’t make any money without my strength. And I saw that I was going to be a senior. I had to do something for myself,


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