QQ and rainbow plug-in dispute, the survival of domestic webmasters

July 31, 2017

came to work this morning and, as usual, turned on the QQ, but popped a big warning, demanding "uninstall the illegal plug-in immediately" without uninstalling the QQ. Remember a few days ago, reported: the Tencent has completed the QQ client IP encryption deployed formally, the original Tencent for significant IP plug has been unnoticed from the source to the prevention technology. This should be the Tencent beat QQ plug-in the most effective move, if this method is valid, QQ plug-in life must have reached the end. Who knows, a foot high, the magic height of a foot, just a day in the past, rainbow QQ plug-in will soon launch updates, Tencent shield technology to fight back, fix the IP display error. But from this morning it appears that QQ is now in full swing to stop the rainbow. 51 of the calculations are useless. But there is no doubt that, 51.com and Tencent contest has been pushed to the cusp.

today does not talk about such a mess between QQ and 51 of these interests or non interests. Everything has its value. If no interest driven, people will not even be a dog in the manger, today stands on its own as a grassroots webmaster angle to think and look at these things, the rainbow with the help of QQ strong market and user groups, quickly in a short period of time to let more people know. This does not know where to come the rainbow QQ. name is very strange but the meaning and purpose of his existence we have heard, the most unforgettable is used by Tencent whole badly "Coral", because it is something with a person’s needs, resulting in the rainbow QQ the word from Baidu Q once soared to tens of thousands.

said these you may also understand what? QQ index soared a rainbow every day to some clever webmaster see new hope, and new money, which is the rainbow QQ station, a rainbow is a generalization of QQ Commission, two is to rely on the new things for yourself quickly bring large the flow of online, so in a short period of time out of a large number of rainbow QQ station, is also the first few webmaster made some water. But then who do hard now may be Baidu will soon be included, perhaps waiting for Baidu update to improve your ranking, but now the rainbow, I don’t know what is the taste of the rainbow webmaster heart, perhaps only the so-called garbage station, also do dumpster sorrow, you only the people under the fence to parasitic busy make myself clear…

life may make us unable to give up the identity of the owners, although each person’s mind is not the same, but as a webmaster every night also tapped the keyboard, updating the purpose of the website I think it should be the same is to money, whether it is much less, for us too much the webmaster, perhaps by a strict sense to speak and he is not a webmaster, you in addition to the next CMS, a template, copy some content, what will do. Each template has to pay for it

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