A webmaster’s true confession

August 5, 2017


mixed network has been for three years, finally insisted on, after the site was attacked by search, pull hair, basic webmaster experience I have, can also be dogged by bad luck, but I persevered, and now can be considered a success, so I think the most important is the mixed network insist on, many months after the website began from lazy, stop to update the site maintenance. If you often look at successful people, you’ll find one thing in common is persistence, such as paranoia. Whatever you do has a future, stick to it. But this insistence is not stubborn. When web traffic is no longer improving, it’s time to start thinking about what controls the site. Is it technology, or content, or what other factors are affecting the site?. When you find out the problem, begin to deal with it. A big job, a small one, a small job. Do not see similar websites develop very strong, began to shrink. Remember, no website can reach a monopoly like Microsoft, and he doesn’t have all the monopoly. In the early days, INTEL was fast becoming the CPU hegemon in the PC world, and AMD wasn’t growing a little bit.

I graduated from high school. I went to an obscure University and majored in computer science. The Internet made me learn too much. If you want to make your website higher viscosity, more traffic, more long-term development, it is necessary to calm down to learn something practical. Perhaps you are not a small station flow, income is also a bit, but do you just hope so? A month to get a few hundred pieces to meet the technical general webmaster should study more. The pace of development of the Internet is amazing, technological change is faster than changing faces. Do stand earlier should know that before 2003 net ASP forum to occupy almost China majority share in 2004 after the DZ forum, PHPWIND forum, the PHP code to a stable and efficient A new force suddenly rises., and many other advantages to occupy Chinese forum quickly. The DZ forum in Dai Zhikang, of course this is outside. So, do not meet the status quo if you want to base yourself on the internet. The Internet is such, like riding. Usually one to two hours to go to the Internet news, even if you feel disconnected information. As an Internet webmaster, if someone asks you what you think of GOOGLE’s bid for YOUTUBE, you say you don’t know and don’t see it. Then you’re too far behind. Paying attention to this information will also be of great benefit to your website promotion. Like some time ago, a friend of mine complained to me that he was suffering from the promotion of his own video sharing site, almost exhausted all the way. I looked at his site and asked, "why don’t you fire Zhang Yu’s video?". He said there was a video of her on the station, but didn’t want to fire her. This is very passive. If you cook one day earlier, you will benefit one day earlier.

as the webmaster, the most important thing is the mentality, with a peaceful heart to do the station, in the early stage of the website construction, don’t consider how to add advertising on the station. Flow bigger, not afraid of advertising; traffic is not coming, put more wide

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