Forbes, the richest young man, Chen ou how do climb out of a holeJiangsu Suning bank officially op

August 6, 2017


the last successful listing of the United States together, what will people say? Chen Ou he, Chen Ou is certainly rich two generations; and he certainly financial fraud; no, he certainly resume fraud; well he is sure gay! This is the reality of this society. So I am not gay, say ah, I am absolutely straight, yeah! "The venue set the whole room roaring with laughter.

in a dark drama, there was only a beam of light hitting Chen ou. His leaning forward looked a little exaggerated, he knew how to pull the distance away from the audience, and asked questions from time to time, so that the venue has been in an exciting and active atmosphere. Even so, he looked as though he were so lonely at the moment.

horizontal view, the 17 batches of private banks raised, Shandong, Weihai blue ocean bank and Beijing Zhongguancun bank has received approval this month, has not yet officially opened. December 2016, by the U.S. group commented as the second largest sponsor of Jilin billion bank approved the preparation. Recently, the music network in response to investor questions, said the music as the financial plan to bid for bank related businesses.

for the importance of financial services Internet Co, the bank licence is undoubtedly the highest amount of gold, the largest ecological assistance, but also relatively difficult to get a license. Once it has access to banking, it will break through the scale of its business and substantially increase its competitiveness. However, also approved to raise just a starting point, whether it is pure online or O2O, to have outstanding performance in the banking business, also need to flow, data processing ability, the continued stability of the powerful means of risk control and differentiated service scene.

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June 16th, Jiangsu Suning bank Limited by Share Ltd Suning bank officially opened in Nanjing. Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said, Suning bank to do the first drive technology of the O2O bank, service industry and small and micro enterprises, the development of financial technology and financial inclusion, through the difference of business, special services to create new financial ecology.

, the business department of Suning bank, will include intelligent robots, remote banking VTM, smart, intelligent filled single card machine, VR entertainment, face login, fingerprint payment, brush face deposit, intelligent investment, risk control and other large data more than 10 innovative applications, while providing LingChao exchange machine, smart card large, teller machines, ticket payment machine service life convenience.

is probably the only place where Chen can’t get over it. Even if he succeeds in valuing the company for $3 billion 500 million, he has been unable to shake off his doubts.

I’m Hao Fangzhou, a high quality early project focusing on finance and education, WeChat nooxika.

Suning bank in December 16, 2016 by the China CBRC approval to build in June 14, 2017 by the Jiangsu Bureau of CBRC opening approval, the registered capital of 4 billion yuan, by Su Ningyun, sunrise East, the focus of science and technology, binary new material, kangdexin, Su cross section, at a total of seven companies jointly initiated the establishment of private investment. The two largest shareholder of Su ningyun and sunrise were invested 1 billion 200 million yuan, 944 million yuan, accounting for 30%, 23.6% of the shares.


in the Forbes "gathered" speech, he actually did not see the hand hold pad, when he began his speech with an extremely fast rate by talking about his series of Parables "four questions", he demonstrated a very different state. "

compared to the same Internet giants, relying on a large amount of user data to deposit micro banks and network banking, Suning’s show line is indeed a bit special, opening the first day on the establishment of a physical network. Zhang Jindong also said that Suning bank will pay more attention to the advantages of offline channels, joint offline stores of resources, to create an entity financial experience center, to bring users online, offline, full scene financial services experience.

review: 2009, when Chen Ou graduated from Standford home, Liu Qiang East just negotiated a $twenty million financing; the same year, Ma and eighteen Arhats together handed his resignation letter, said to let all the past return to zero; then Li Jinggang Sequoia Capital, Shen Napeng vowed to make Li Jing China Martha Stuart.

whispered, "is he telling the truth?"

five minutes later, Chen ou will be on stage speech. It was his first public appearance after his successful ipo. He sat alone in the background, looking at the hands of minipad closely written lecture notes. "Can I play with pad?" he suddenly raised his head and asked.

"everyone thinks I’m special," said Standford. "After graduation, he started his business immediately and got the investment quickly. Then, four years later, he went on the market quickly, and my share of the stock was higher than everyone expected.". But no one knows how I crawled out of a hole. My life is like a squash ball. When life gives me great pressure, I bounce back higher than anyone else."

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at the same time, the Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau approved the former vice president of Huaxia Bank gold old Suning bank served as chairman and President, Liu Weimin as the person in charge of the audit department, Wu army served as deputy general manager of head office.

in the past five years, the Chinese market can almost be seen as the electricity supplier industry Hollywood. In this industry, Losers are always in the wrong. as changeable as clouds and rain beyond all imagination: 2009 when Chen Ou graduated from Standford’s return, Liu Qiangdong has just negotiated a $twenty million financing, the same year, Ma and the founding team of eighteen Arhats, together with the resignation letter, said to let all the past zero; Li Jinggang received Sequoia investment, said Shen Napeng vowed to make Li Jing China >

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