Share several points to do bidding products

February 28, 2017

Ma Yun three years ago, said: do not do e-commerce in the past 5 years will regret, and now do a lot of friends around the e-commerce, there are successes and failures. It also began to think about their own do not understand what came slowly, the middle has experienced too many sad.

Internet is a magical marketing tool, his advantage is low cost, fast promotion, wide spread characteristics, coupled with the rapid spread of the network and the development of more and more people and entrepreneurs like. As many people do, do the bidding, do Taobao promotion, do optimization on the network to find their own pot of gold. We are often on the Internet even in the traditional industry often hear "wine is also afraid of deep alley". At this stage, how to do business is to promote the product out. Traditional industries have been media, television, promotions and other means to achieve the advertising effect. To do e-commerce: it is effective to promote the product out of the network will be out of their own, bringing traffic and the flow into a real customer.

for their own promotion, traffic conversion, I think a lot of people are very clear, most of the bidding is done or Baidu SEO optimization. For Baidu bidding, the cost is too high, the general small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs will not afford to bear the cost of a long time. There is a large sector is SEO optimization. I was also engaged in product optimization, engaged in the product are slimming tea, health products, sexy underwear, etc.. At the same time to pay a lot of time and experience, but there is a big difference in income. As the saying goes: the choice is more important than the effort, so in the choice of a product, put in the same time, but the benefits are not the same. Now I will share my views on competing products to everyone, to help more entrepreneurs succeed.

1: choice is more important than effort. Choose the same products or profits of the product is much better than you do not make money products. Pay the same hard work, but the product does not make money, then there is no need to do it? This is worthy of our friends who want to gold on the Internet thinking. Why are so many people willing to do those health, weight loss. In the first place, the quality of life of human beings is improved. More and more attention will be paid to beauty, health issues, like I do a cold site. Second, down is that these industries are a violent industry.

2: accurate positioning of their own traffic. We know that the flow of the search engine is the direct demand of customers, so how to seize these customers. Seize the customer is tantamount to seize the wealth, do not want to make money are not, the correct positioning of their keywords. Key words on their own positioning must be repeated analysis.

3: we need to build sales oriented customer service. When a customer comes from your site, you are not just a customer service officer. To be aware of their own is a marketing customer service, customers can solve the problem at the same time to guide customers to buy the transaction is the key. A lot of friends say my site every day IP>

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