People often make mistakes in website optimization

August 27, 2017

, modify the site title: in the beginning of Shanghai dragon, I only know the title, keywords, description. This may be done in Shanghai must know some basic knowledge of the dragon, the three basic knowledge, until only a month ago that I completely understand:

two, in the content of keyword stuffing: have happened should this problem in any new body, it is difficult to avoid, just a pile of keywords in different ways, or different density. For newcomers, should be steady, should not act with undue haste, can not stop the content of the stack keywords, this will not only judge cheating, but can greatly affect the readability of the article, so your users will gradually away from you. If the words, then we must consider clearly, and edit in very subtle ways. If there is no way a stack keywords, love Shanghai will certainly not included your article, this method has been verified on the blog.

3. Description: do not add a lot of keywords on the inside, it will be repeated, although my website now has done a very good, is a enterprise site, do the key words: "Dalian site construction" has been ranked first in the Shanghai love home, but this description is I just do the station when added up to now, has not changed, just think of the website ranking and describe the possible role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not too big.


1. Title: many people when doing optimization, impatient, a few months down to see their website no good rankings began to modify the title. Revised, very happy, but later found that as the title, and then change it back; and happy, love your white sea to stand down the right, or K. Painful memories, I did not have such problem. There is no reason why when wanted to modify the title, check some information, see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master said, the website can not easily modify the title. I am a good person, so there is no change, seems to.

2. key words can actually be modified, but also not frequent modification. When our website is relatively stable, modified to add a few keywords is no big impact, this I have tested, very safe. As a newcomer, I will set the website a few words, when words are have a certain rank, I think, can not add a few keywords, this can improve the love of Shanghai gave me the traffic, my website has more people to visit. I was out of the idea to do, but also to see some relevant information before they operate.

just contact Shanghai dragon couple with me 6 months ago may, from now to be absolutely ignorant of know some fur, here, I want to have the same experience to the new Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. When becoming Shanghai dragon couple often make some mistakes, mistakes are inevitable, but if you check the good information, some mistakes can be avoided, the following lists some common mistakes.

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