Some simple traffic on the site by short speed method

September 4, 2017


keyword is not set the more the better, because too much can highlight the theme, but too few can reach the promotion effect, it is best to find those with enterprise development are closely related to the search keywords is easy to observe, love Shanghai index is a very good method, love Shanghai with higher scores indicating the amount of search the words, then the possibility of your website to search will greatly improve.

EDM email marketing


love Shanghai keywords optimization

traffic to the website is important? This is no doubt that a site without flow is equal to no one browsing, then this website is not sales, so rapid increase in traffic has become a rock pressure in the heart of every webmaster. Of course, to solve this problem, I believe that every webmaster have a way to deal with their own here, small, simple way to increase the flow within a short period of time.

then to study these potentially buy website commodity intention of consumer psychology, the message content to be directed at the subject, said too many people are not willing to see. Final recommendations: if the mail is smaller, can take the usual mail in common or bulk software, if you should send a larger scale, with the professional platform to complete the mail.

micro-blog now has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, because of relevance, micro-blog instant, so the information transmission speed is very fast, because of the big platform in the development of micro-blog, allows users to use the link, which will bring some opportunities for our promotion and marketing, micro-blog also came into being.

and some good websites to establish a method for ranking cross links is also a good improvement, but also some related forums and blogs to leave a link, increase.

said in a short period of time to improve website traffic way there are many, among which EDM email marketing effect is the fastest, but when sending e-mail to note: do not think that the more the better, should first identify those with potential purchase intention to send people, otherwise it is a waste of both time and money.

want to do micro-blog marketing, we have to get their information has spread, the best with some fun, you must have to let people read a reprint or evaluation of impulse, and micro-blog marketing in the release time also pay attention to a certain extent, usually in the morning to nine pm, three to eleven the five point is the best, this promotion can spread immediately brought the corresponding traffic for us, generally lasting effect for 2 days, micro-blog enough quality if possible long-term effect of


love Shanghai set of keywords is undoubtedly a website flow increases the importance of website ranking improved at the same time also can attract more potential customers, make it easier for attention and find your website.


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