Large website how to do the analysis of competitors

September 5, 2017

structure is divided by a similar, we can see the situation of CTRIP Website Architecture, then in accordance with the inside pages of our mind map in each column, we can see the general situation of the site, we can learn from the visual content are: business including hotels, attractions tickets, air tickets, travel around, and other tourism products car, train ticket booking and other services, products generally have, here we are just one example, enter the hotel search page, page 5154, Shanghai Shanghai Hotel, the product page at least 5154 valid pages, so we can see the main page of the city and included. The circulation of the chain, we can also see from within the chain structure of the page.

overall structure of the site, a lot of people only know this concept, for the actual surgeon, often seem to be at a loss what to do, an analysis of the structure of the web site, the first thing we need to do is to understand the type of website content, understand this website, this website is to do information such as drainage class, or class products and services for, product oriented website, we need some products on the internal site to do a detailed understanding, including the type of product, the product list page, page of end products, the price of a factor and so on, in doing these things, we can better the website structure do a detailed division.




The overall architecture of the

analysis of competitors regardless of what types of sites, is a must to learn a knowledge, analysis of competitors, not only has important influence on our own web site keywords for architecture and layout, keyword density adjustment also has a great relationship, this ranking for the website keywords it is particularly important, so for the analysis of competition, need to pay attention to what.

structure is an important part of the observation of competitors, we are still as an example, the Ctrip website login, enter the hotel section, we can see some keywords layout like this: from the inside; the bottom of the chain structure, can clearly see the layout within the chain of keywords: scenic spots near the hotel, near the downtown hotel hotel, brand, through these analysis, in our own website, what are the deficiencies, look at a glance.


analysis over the entire page, don’t forget the most important analysis of search engine, when we search keywords we analyze, put love in Shanghai, ranking, competitors at a glance, click on the snapshot, rival keyword density clearly. Finally, the use of some search.

search engine data

here, we cite an example, such as the latest fire Ctrip, from the home page, we can see about that level. Home – (hotels, scenic spots, travel, tickets, train tickets, car rental) which can be divided into tourist tours, outbound tourism companies.

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