n his three years of experience in Shanghai Dragon

September 5, 2017

the best fixed number, if conditions permit, add the time fixed, it will be better. This dating lover is the same, this time today, tomorrow the time. A two line, a long time people certainly objectionable. If every time you have fixed a time about people, in the course of time, at that point in time I think of you. The Shanghai spiders also like love.

4, website content layout

Second, the construction of the chain

A. website is illegal

when the article published an article about 2~3, with anchor text, it is best to use keyword anchor text, link to content related pages, form the site within the chain, which is to improve the keyword weight is very helpful. At the same time, I also often will be published today the link to the article published yesterday, so that they form a chain wheel. The effect is very good oh.

1. Links:

First, the content of the website:


3, the anchor text

2, insist that every update

this is the details related to the site of the viscous, well done can increase the user experience.

we first thought is the original, yes, because the search engines are the one and only love the content, if a saw your website all or most are collected, it is likely not included, even if included in a few days will be spit out. If it is not so much to write original words, appropriate pseudo original is also a good choice.

time flies, imperceptibly in Shanghai dragon has been almost three years, from harvest a lot. Just remember to do Shanghai dragon that moment, don’t know where to begin, through their own continuous learning and accumulating is now considered to Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a lot of understanding, today put their learning experience in Shanghai Longfeng experience summary, it is for this period of time working summary, although a little but these are indeed a commonplace talk of an old scholar, he has been doing:

1, talked about the website of

Links benefits is not can give you the site how much direct traffic, but that it will make the search engine more included your web page. To improve the site weight, ranking PR, have a great role in promoting, of course, also has the skill to exchange links, to pay attention to many aspects, such as: flow, ALEXA ranking, PR, Shanghai, whether it is love weight peers, included, keywords ranking, is punished, is not garbage site, on the home page or in the page, the chain number, the other is a chain of quantity and quality, love Shanghai snapshot date, domain name age…… These are the basic conditions for the investigation, if there is the phenomenon of not adding links:

Pay attention to the anchor text to

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