Enterprise homepage after changing the page ranking

September 7, 2017

is to observe these days. The main problem is concentrated in the snapshot of the home page, and keywords ranking. Keywords row >

The second day: The

snapshot is still not updated, but the news included 2 articles, keywords ranking fruit

observation and speculation:

asked about my operation: get this station (about the enterprise stand not to say) the first thing is to modify the web page title and part mate. According to the method of word segmentation, keyword fusion. In the mate plus 4 words. Then is the navigation into a text. There are some pictures of the ALT attribute. Then to the website with a robots and sitemap. The second is to some of the other page page to modify title and mate. On the site after the change after every day is to keep the 2 original plus 1-2 article pseudo original, and even (no chain).

The third day:

not updated snapshot, ranking or so, mainly to see the latest indexed pages, ranking is with the latest indexed pages go. The strange thing is also have each keyword ranking, are on the same page ranking. Very tangled, there is no ranking page.

The fifth day:

station: the website itself originally snapshots are relatively new, there are also some outreach, included some.

fourth days: snapshot update, love Shanghai included rose about more than 40. The original included more than 50. The website allows almost included are included. But some older snapshot. Keywords ranking with. Very reliable, are outside the 20 page. Moreover, ranking are all focused on the latest collection of pages.

: that is, as of seventh days prior to writing this article, the snapshot is not updated, but there is a good phenomenon, keywords ranking is no longer focused on the news page, check the 5 keywords, 2 transferred to the home page, the other three are still in the page ranking. There are some problems included in this article. The original article has not included, know at this time, 2 original only received a.

The sixth day:

snapshot stopped again. The ranking is still the content page ranking. Contains a normal


the first day: the day after changing, the snapshot not update

snapshot still not updated, issued the day news every few hours are included, keywords ranking fruit

The basic situation of the

this thing from the start with last week. A week ago, took over the station of a company. The station to the main picture, there is a big FLSAH, navigation is flash, title, mate are very out of tune. There is a common enterprise station, column, the content of the page title, mate is the default. Because the time is not long, today is mainly about the home on the idea of change and speculation. This is the first time to share this article, think that what is lacking, and I hope you teach.

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