Japanese media Taobao world dominating the annual turnover is 2.3 times eBay

February 28, 2017

[global technology reporter Guan Chao] according to the "Japanese economic news" reported on June 18th, turnover in 2013 Alibaba group operation for individual users is 2.3 times the same industry of the United States eBay, the turnover of the site has reached the world’s largest. Alibaba to China’s huge market as the stage, and constantly expand the Internet related business, to win the benefits.


Japanese media: Taobao

annual turnover is 2.3 times the world dominating eBay

Alibaba is preparing for listing in the United states. June 16 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to disclose the information disclosed in the total turnover of its main electricity supplier website (GMV).

‘s total turnover of 1 trillion and 101 billion yuan in 2013 was $(about $177 billion 500 million), equivalent to a total turnover of $76 billion 500 million eBAY of 2.3 times. Tmall’s total turnover of 441 billion yuan (about US $71 billion 100 million), should not be less than the total turnover of the United States Amazon (

accounted for 80% of China’s Internet retail market share of Alibaba’s profitability has been ahead of the top. March 2014 operating margin was 47.5%, well above the eBAY of the (in the year of December 2013) and Amazon’s $1% (in December 2013).

Alibaba January 2014 – March sales grew by 38.7% over the same period last year, compared with the year of October 2013 – 61.7%, the growth trend slowed. But the industry more than the view that the future use of smart phones and other mobile terminals should be increased, there is still great potential for growth of Alibaba.

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