Home appliances online shopping market in the first half of the newspaper across the board into the

February 28, 2017

domestic 3C appliances online shopping market in the first half of the performance across the board, led a large number of previously unknown to the public "billion" 3C home appliances online mall was born, and in the absolute low price in the increasingly fierce market entity, lashed Suning, Gome and other traditional 3C home appliance chain stores.

, according to incomplete statistics, the first half of this year, Jingdong mall, century electric network, 3C online shopping mall – are easy access to the "million club", plus C2C Taobao, one hundred million yuan level home appliances online shopping mall has a strong domestic sales pattern.

independent third party iResearch data show that in 2008 China B2C online shopping in 2007 compared to achieve a double to reach 8 billion 710 million yuan, while this figure is expected to double this year. The latest survey shows that China’s Internet users has reached 338 million, Internet penetration rate reached 25.5%, ranking first in the world. The huge consumption capacity of more than 300 million Internet users will bring 3C home appliances online shopping mall sales.

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