The modern logistics industry faces new opportunities in e-commerce era

February 28, 2017

              in the day before at the 2011 China city logistics development forum, many experts said that the field of electronic commerce will be one of the main entry point for the development of city logistics industry.

The emergence and rise of

e-commerce has a profound impact on the development of modern logistics industry. In the context of electronic commerce, as a result of the expansion of the scope of sales, sales of goods and the way consumers purchase, logistics has become more and more important service. At the same time, e-commerce has brought new opportunities for the development of modern logistics industry.

on the one hand, e-commerce provides a good platform for logistics enterprises. In the e-commerce environment, the logistics enterprises can better realize the information sharing in the supply chain, strengthen the links in the supply chain, save transaction costs, and provide more value-added products. On the other hand, e-commerce greatly facilitates the collection and transmission of information in logistics enterprises. In the e-commerce environment, suppliers and retailers and consumers through the Internet together, advanced means of information exchange has been widely used by POS, EOS and other suppliers can timely and accurately grasp the product sales information and customer information, but also greatly enhance the work efficiency of logistics enterprises.

in the context of rapid development of e-commerce, logistics enterprises how to seize the opportunity to seek greater development space?

first, the improvement of logistics information is the key. The logistics industry restructuring in 2009 the State Council issued "clearly put forward and revitalization plan", and actively promote the informatization of enterprise logistics management, promote the extensive application of information technology; the development of logistics information technology standards and information exchange standards as soon as possible, establish logistics information collection, processing and service sharing mechanism. In the era of e-commerce, to provide the best service, logistics system must have a good information processing and transmission system. Such as the United States custom brokers company and Losangeles West Wharf, airport, customs information network, when the goods from all over the world when shipment, customers can get the arrival time, to Bo from the company (bank) the exact location, the consignee and the warehousing, transportation companies ready to make the goods flowing fast in almost stop situation next, to the destination.

secondly, the diversification of services is the trend. In the e-commerce environment, the logistics distribution center integration should not be limited to only provide warehousing and transportation services, should also carry out the distribution, distribution and processing services to improve the circulation of value added, or according to the needs of customers to provide other services. Logistics enterprises from providers to consumers through the comprehensive operation of the supply chain, the logistics service to achieve the optimization, which requires the logistics enterprises according to the consumer demand more variety, small batch and batches, short cycle characteristics, flexible organization and implementation of logistics operation.

again, quality service is the foundation. In the field of e-commerce, the logistics industry is between

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