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February 28, 2017

[Reuters] news billion state power in November 11th, after the opening of the six largest overseas direct mail site Chinese, Amazon announced Chinese "Amazon overseas purchase store today will be fully started trial operation.


Amazon purchased overseas web page screenshot

It is reported that

, the Amazon platform according to browse and purchase records of consumers in the United States China station, select 80 thousand items, as the first selection of overseas purchase store officially launched in the trial operation stage.

Amazon said, the first phase of the line 80 thousand products from the U.S. Amazon, covering clothing, footwear, toys, baby, beauty, health care, and outdoor sports category, covering many international brands such as Munchkin, Calvin, Klein, DIESEL, AK, ECCO, CROCSChristian, Dior and so on, the future will also introduce more products to enrich the consumer choice.

billion state power network learned in the whole culture in the interface of the Amazon sea purchase channel, China consumers can enjoy the price and quality in sync with the American Amazon, and reading of the commodity customer evaluation. In logistics, overseas purchases an average of 2 weeks, the fastest 3 working days can reach. In the tariff and customer service service, consumers under a single platform will be collected if the actual amount of import tariffs, tariff and the collecting amount does not match the platform will the overcharged amount returned to the consumer account, there is no need to pay less part.

in addition, Amazon pointed out that consumers in the purchase of Amazon’s overseas purchase store products can enjoy Chinese local customer service support service.

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