Cross border electricity supplier to cover smuggling luxury 3 years to sell a total of $270 million

February 28, 2017

luxury store decoration gorgeous.


was seized by a variety of luxury goods.

text / chart / Guangzhou Daily reporter Cui Ningning

correspondent Wu Wei,

in Shenzhen Futian central business district in the downtown area, a total of 400 square metres of luxury shops, at first glance very on the grade, but it is behind the sale of smuggled products selling point. But the supply by professional buyers purchased from abroad, to attract beautiful ants pass.


reporter was informed that in October 16th, Shenzhen customs customs union Dalian and other places to carry out "justice 14" smuggling operations, luxury goods destroyed 5 smuggling gangs, arresting 32 people, involving the value of 360 million yuan. Customs found in the investigation, smuggling suspects through the bustling commercial section of the road to open luxury stores, while engaging in cross-border electricity supplier on the network to do the sale of smuggled goods, etc..

ant move smuggling and more cities to build smuggling network

in July this year, Shenzhen Customs seized a "water" "ants" contraband two limited edition hermes handbags immigration violations. By the customs investigators careful investigation, carriers account, if the brand can pass smoothly, will be sent to Futian District for a sales of luxury goods stores, give the owner selling profit. Investigators quickly launched an investigation, a large luxury smuggling network exposed.

according to the introduction, after investigation, the customs officers mastered a gang of Shenzhen to buy luxury goods abroad by overseas buyers, transit in Hongkong, and then by the "multiple trips passenger" smuggled sales profit. Smuggling network is huge, involving a number of mainland cities. Approved by the General Administration of customs, the customs union, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing customs to carry out "justice 14" search action.

6 o’clock on October 16th, operations command orders, 33 action group also raided 4 store address and 24 address is located in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Tianjin and other places, the synchronous capture target search, shops, warehouses. At the same time, the Dalian customs in Dalian, Shanghai, Beijing and other places to carry out the search action synchronization.

Shenzhen customs zhuabu entered the Luohu District residents of a high-end residential building, smooth the principal arrest. Subsequently, 32 suspects who all 5 smuggling gangs were arrested, the scene seized on suspicion of smuggling Hermes, PRADA and other brands of clothing bags, a large number of related materials, and.

at present, Shenzhen customs anti smuggling departments are on the case ferret expanding line.


overseas professional buyers purchase luxury shop sales

reporter learned, Shenzhen customs found the net in the process, the suspect of smuggling in Shenzhen area mainly involved in luxury stores, opened in the central area of Futian commercial downtown section >

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