2010 Online Travel Web site (1)

February 28, 2017

2010 is over, standing on the threshold of the end of the year, some regret, some sad. Now it’s going to be, and what we do will be history. But the tourism e-commerce does not China history, it is then known, but in the tide of the times, it has been slowly awakening, Chinese tourism e-commerce of the spring is coming. The development of cost, time as the referee out how much tourism e-commerce stand, left precious, but failure is not worthless. In twenty-first Century, the first point is in the past 10 years, you talk about the blog to check one by one China boast without shame tourism e-commerce industry who we should remember and understand the presence or absence of tourism website.

1, the fall of the martyrs – early

tourism information website China Travel Network

when Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other large portals and warlords, Chinese tourism e-commerce has also started early in ignorance, pure tourist information portal to China tourism network, the history of the site is the early tourism e-commerce website star. Because the profit model is not clear, China Travel Network collapsed in 2000 about the Internet in the winter, become a tourist Kebei in the age of electronic commerce, it told later tourism e-commerce: tourist information portal station simply doesn’t work, tourism e-commerce station must clear their own profit model.

2, Golden Tour – National Tourism Bureau ArKO pet project


tour is a site of joint operations yatour National Tourism Bureau and Beijing Golden Dragon yatour Mdt InfoTech Ltd, is the National Tourism Administration Information Center in the field of tourism e-commerce in the only investment cooperation entities, it is for God’s favored one.

3, the first team – Ctrip Travel Network founder of the legendary

youth agitation, kissing together, shopping when the song was


a war victory, roaring and scattered, lakes, sound waves.

this story, like a full of oriental charm of the knight "Chinese dream"


this is a financial reporter in the first team, Ctrip Ctrip described the four founders of the statement, they created a legendary Chinese tourism e-commerce. In 1999, Ctrip set up in the winter on the eve of the birth of Ctrip laid the basic Chinese tourism e-commerce mainstream profit model, the impact of the market pattern of tourism e-commerce in twenty-first Century ten years ago. Ctrip has successfully listed Ctrip? 2003 successfully logged on the Nasdaq stock market, occupying more than Chinese travel booking market share of 50%, firmly secured the top spot in the noisy China travel booking, and because Ctrip’s good performance, 06 years and 08 years, Ctrip CEO also invited in the U.S. Nasdaq stock market the opening bell sounded twice.

, 4 line spoiler – Mango CYTS travel network,


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