Join the micro business how to do a new micro operator

February 28, 2017

with the development of Internet technology, the popularity of smart phones, many people have used WeChat and other chat software. Some people use it to pass the time, some people use it to find the male and female friends, some people also use it to show off. Of course, there are some people who use it to create wealth, and more of a businessman, called micro business. Derivative is a group of WeChat through the circle of friends, a group of people to the dynamic.

Because the

derivative is a new platform, WeChat has 600 million users, such a huge market, but the business activities are only emerging in recent years, compared to 03 years began to Taobao, but the market space is too big. WeChat is now more meat than the wolf state. Taobao is currently the wolf little more meat.

so you can often see some news reports, is a 90 by micro taking a monthly income of 5 digits; certain high school students by doing micro business for a year, to their college students to donate a lot of million; some people through the micro business a year earned millions. These are true, micro business is so magical, mainly because of this stage, the market has just started, better to do, easy to get started.

take me personally, I was a micro business 1 months time, it took the goods to take the 9 agents, including retail and recruit agents, the first month earned nearly $10 thousand. How do I do that, I’ll explain it later. Next, Li Leiting, how to do the novice novice operators.

do a lot of micro business friends are some full-time mother, school students and workers. A large proportion of them have done business, do not know how to purchase, from where the goods are low; do not know how to sell, how to sell the goods better.

general micro business involves several aspects:


1, the purchase of choice

this is really important, not a good product, it is less effective, what kind of products in the WeChat

sales good?

could you read about the choice of the standard, but in other places, Li Leiting believed that a sentence can be: the need for frequent use of products, and products using a must for new products. Like the rose pull mask. This is very good, a mask can only be used once, a box of mask up to half a month on the run, you need to continue to take the goods.

why do you want to choose such a product? This is a great relationship with WeChat’s attributes, WeChat personal accounts can only add 5000 friends, after adding the end, it can not continue to add. But also to add friends to spend energy, time.

if the clothes or shoes made by us, a user in a year will be with us to buy a few pieces of products? One or two, and later, when he stopped buying, is occupied with the friends of places, so that we can’t add new friends.

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