Taobao new regulations or lead to the collapse of the shop online investment aura gradually fade

February 28, 2017

Taobao mall was under siege by the new business, causing the attention of the Ministry of Commerce, for a time, whether Ma Yun will become the focus of Internet users to compromise. However, from the "want to start, Taobao, to today’s Mall is a substantial increase in the threshold, there is no doubt that the shop investment is ushering in a" turning point ", small investors will increasingly difficult. Industry insiders, once the official implementation of the new regulations in 2012, a large store closures tide inevitable.

shop investment aura gradually fade? The idea of investment shops should be updated accordingly? The current investment weekly visit to the brightest, trying to provide some reference for you want to start.

Taobao mall new regulations triggered panic



"eleven Golden Week" just after the Alibaba’s Taobao mall a new regulations, so that tens of thousands of Taobao mall owner, and millions of Taobao store shopkeeper shivers.

October 10th, Taobao mall announced the upgrade business management system, announced the 2012 Taobao mall technical service fee from 6000 yuan a year rose to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two tranches, the margin from the previous 10 thousand yuan change in accordance with the franchise stores, stores, brand flagship store in different mode of operation for 50 thousand, 100 thousand or 150 thousand yuan the amount, the highest increase of 15 times, and these costs must be paid a one-time in December 26th this year.

this is called "new Taobao" policy was announced, immediately triggered a backlash of many shop manager. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the "anti Taobao union" flag, issued a strong protest against Taobao in the network and the real world on two fronts, is only in the "anti Taobao union YY, gathered more than 50 thousand opponents at the peak. They "siege" Taobao mall big businesses against type "buy", making large businesses suffered heavy losses. Taobao alliance hopes to put pressure on Taobao to repeal the new rules of Taobao".

Taobao shop owner’s reaction is so strong, because the Taobao new regulations so that they feel a huge panic.

Mr. Zhang

in Shenzhen early last year at Taobao mall opened a lighting shop, Mr. Zhang to reporters calculations: in accordance with the current fees, the cost is about to enter the Taobao mall technology fee 10 thousand yuan deposit plus a minimum of 6000 yuan, plus office space (to save money even in your home office, employment and other expenses), 100 thousand yuan will be able to start a shop. 100 thousand funds in the traditional shopping malls or shops, even a counter can not afford to rent. This is also the reason why many people choose to venture online."

however, if in accordance with the "new Taobao", on average a shop to raise about 100000 yuan of fixed investment, start-up capital need at least 200 thousand yuan, plus operating costs, which makes a lot of small business is difficult to bear. Mr. Zhang told the Huizhou

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