Online shopping encounter buyers will not be shipped to the court website

March 2, 2017

just past double eleven is undoubtedly the online shopping enthusiasts carnival". However, the online point goods, pay the money, not necessarily be able to really get the goods. In an electricity supplier promotional activities, Xiaoxia encountered such troubles.

website promotion was originally empty joy

had a few small summer favorite watches, always want to price "diving" again.

indeed, last September, a shopping website all watches promotions, among which is the small summer love that several. Small summer fruit off hand, bought three watches also paid the deposit, to pay the balance of goods contract.

the same day, Xiao Xia received orders to confirm the site mail, indicating the order details and determine the expected date of delivery. At the same time, the content of the mail also shows that: this message is only confirmed that the order has been received, only issued a confirmation of delivery of mail, notice has been issued to the product, order contract was established.

Since then,

did not receive their favorite table, but once again received a web site, said the goods can not be issued, the deposit will be refunded. The two sides dispute.

The responsibility of the

website is pushed to the head of the small summer, that is not a small summer to carefully read the site in the terms of use, resulting in a dispute between the two sides.

previously, shopping sites to attract people with low prices, but not the real situation of the goods often occur, I did not expect this time was encountered. Small summer do not want to swallow, a website to court, ask the site to continue to perform the contract, the delivery of three watches.

online shopping contract when the establishment of

in small summer and the site of the dispute, the contract is established, the key to resolve the dispute.

online shopping, you can browse product information in the registration website, orders will be issued to the shopping website, shopping website will email or SMS feedback to consumers, all information on a computer screen in a visual form to be fixed and transfer, so the online shopping contract is a written contract.

since the online shopping contract is a written contract, then the online shopping contract when the establishment of the "contract law" provides that: the parties entered into a contract to take the offer, commitment. The offer is offered to enter into a contract with another person, the intention should determine the specific content, at the same time that the offeror to be the offeror will be said to offer effective constraint, the offeree. Acceptance is the offeree agrees to the meaning of the offer, the acceptance shall be made in the form of notice, the notice of acceptance to the offeror, the contract becomes effective when the acceptance becomes effective.

said the contract is simple, the two sides hit it off, consensus process. For example, go to the wholesale market shopping, embodied in several rounds of repeated bargain is negotiated this way. In their respective positions in the process, there will be a party to indicate the specific ideas of the transaction, the process is the position of the offer. After receiving the offer