The train should be based on RO to consider the overall more reliable

March 2, 2017

There is a more profound understanding of

in recent days the train should be oriented by ROI to consider the overall situation more reliable! A new colleague positive things originated in the author’s Department of the event that. Prior to this colleague in the first tier cities well-known electricity supplier training institutions to work for six months after leaving, in the interview, but also more confident that the operation of the car is better technology.

and the fact is how? I have just taken over before the optimized 2 stores well after the start according to his own ideas in doing, increase brand promotion, new words, boutique shop promotion, focus on the four plans. Before deciding on these plans, the author has told him that the store in the promotion of a lot of good flagship store can not do it, ROI only about 0.5, the last option to pause, I hope he carefully consider whether to do. The brand word plan does not necessarily have to be tested after the results, because the previous plan to use the non brand words in the number of transactions is not much, if the use of other brands, the effect is not good. Boutique promotion because there is no sales and other copywriting, are a white picture, so it will affect the click through rate, the effect will not be very optimistic.

but he is still in accordance with their own ideas to do, the reason why I didn’t stop him, hope he is after the test, that he took a detour, or to return to the road, according to my way of thinking in doing. Indeed, these new plans ROI poor store promotion in 0.2, excellent promotion because spend less money, but just to meet the brand mission, ROI started in more than 1.2, then fell below 0.8. Not to mention the word brand plan, only one transaction, other brand keywords quality are 3, 4, is the basic plan to abolish. And before the effect of good directional promotion he did not use it, the new on-line search crowd did not use up. In accordance with the idea of this operation is to continue to add keywords to test, is to play the women’s operating practices. In fact, in the previous two optimization plan, which has told him that these are constantly adding keywords to ROI oriented, leaving about 50 keywords.

so, in general, he is spending a lot of time, doing unnecessary things, and the effect is not as good as I spend 1 hours a day to do a good job. Even worse, he said that the train has no room for improvement. At the time of the interview, it is said that the previous company is more important is the picture click rate, but for 2 months, a lot of pictures have not been updated, or with the original material.

after this incident, the author came to a conclusion: These are out of the electricity supplier training institutions are not reliable. Basically, these people to click rate, continue to add keywords to guide the operation of such thinking. There is no concept of account structure. Simply put, just like the previous Amoy courses are the same, teach you to add 200 keywords, continuous testing, constantly mentioning

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