Cold on the boom in the China Groupon group purchase frenzy

March 2, 2017

has the good news, for example, in June 18th, just on the line ah ah upstart group purchase group after the trial operation for nearly a month, a large investment of 110 million yuan Shanxi consortium, won to become the industry’s largest single investment group purchase website. There is bad news, for example, the July 10th CCTV "economic half-hour" exposure "1288 group purchase network event", the group purchase sites suspected of fraud; in addition to some false information to deceive the consumer group purchase website reported.

seems to be good news, but it’s not necessarily good news; it looks bad, and it’s not all bad. After all, group purchase this wave, too fast too prosperous, if the wind again fueled a bubble, there will be too soon; is also the unavoidable problem will be too much, if exposed as soon as possible, in each of these roles can think clearly a and then decide how to go it is a good thing in nature. In which, a highly motivated group purchase site operator (including the giant and more small, is expected to have small shrimp) cash investment, a desire for fame and new customers suppliers have the Sword Party group purchase website operation navigation slant, with dark since consumers shouted preferential chuckle, and ready to wait, wait. But many roles, the key is to buy the site operator, it is the whole game of chess in the eye". So, as a chess eye, how to make the whole game live chess?

business solutions Analysys analyst Chen Can said, "when the fire started in the electronic commerce, we said three major bottlenecks in the development of electronic commerce, logistics, payment and credit. In the group has been developed to 2 of the time, we still need to start from these three points."

first is credit. Or take the 1288 as an example, why? A word, quick. Because the industry itself is low barriers to entry, so follow the trend, a technology market service package, a week can make the website online, then consumers money came in, and then suddenly the problem, and then, on the CCTV2. Is not a joke, do not take 1288. In fact, now most of the group purchase sites are very fragile, even if the investment and scale are far greater than 1288 a person, even if there is a group of entities or well-known brand endorsement, but not necessarily the risk coefficient is 1288 lower than the number of.

what is the reason for the details of the process is not clear, but need to face a large flow and large orders. The supplier qualification and product quality, supplier capacity, actual commodity market price are no strict supervision, false participation, deficiency of market price, no transaction after the performance of consumer tracking, and so on are quite weak, no accident can only be said to be lucky. However, once the problem occurs, there will be a chain reaction, the whole group will face the industry website credit crisis. At that time, the number of sites to buy the more than and 400 can be left in the final analysis, perhaps it is bigger, or the first to do a strong problem.

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