nternet entrepreneurs can not do without the site so there is no website

March 2, 2017

Internet business has become one of the hottest topic of the moment, however, let Shanghai website some cannot read is that some entrepreneurs claim to the Internet business, but not a decent website, even in the search engine can not find the official website, the traditional Internet giants, such as Taobao, Baidu, Tencent and Jingdong, millet and so on, which do not have their own official website, in turn, no website boasts of Internet entrepreneurs, is the "rascals"


traditional enterprises have their own factories, retailers have their own shops, then the Internet entrepreneurs should have an official website, which is undoubtedly one thing. A lot of people will have such a question, and now you can do with WeChat micro business, you can shop with Taobao, micro-blog large, from the media, such as the network is red internet entrepreneurs, the site is what ghost?

said this is not wrong, but the business as a person alone, then the site may really no use, but it can really? In red net as an example, a truly independent little red net, most of them are based on a platform to get user acceptance, such as anchor net red this website need betta, panda broadcast platform, the e-commerce platform red to get benefits, and once the venture into the team mode, the website is one of the essential standard.

Internet entrepreneurs seem to enter a vicious circle, is the ability to get the money of investors, the success of the business as a measure of evaluation of a standard. Some impetuous morning came up with an idea, the afternoon hopes to win investor recognition, immediately looking for venture capital money on the project, which shares the Internet impetuous atmosphere, and even some decent people can not calm, such as the Papi sauce was born, in the Luo Jisi dimension, Luo fat when talking about any investment in Papi sauce, "one night only time to decide!", which is on their own Internet business Luo fat experience "tell him to say, advanced a practice, these impatience spread to ordinary entrepreneurs, is actually a very bad thing, take millet, Lei Jun twenty years of experience in the Internet only millet myth, but soon the myth of millet in less than two years into the trough, the Internet business model is such a bucket Transferred to the stars, for the capital is not much, less experienced entrepreneurs, or keep calm is the most rational choice!

almost all the success of the Internet has been a veteran of the operating site experience. No matter is the root, or some achievement in Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in their path, and the site has a close relationship, a website for the novice, is one of the best tools to exercise their own, through the website optimization, SEO technology can know a lot of Internet marketing experience and increase their experience, don’t look this boring day, any industry has its own laws, and operate a web site on the Internet after enlightenment education is equal to this, "Great oaks from little acorns grow." play >

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