The guidance of the combination of network marketing and fish pond theory

March 2, 2017

years of experience in network marketing, so I formed a set of their own network marketing thinking system, in accordance with this set of thinking system, I have harvested a lot of success. Road to Jane, despite the complicated theory, dazzling training, after years of practice, collection of many talents, I will make a set of network marketing simple thinking to guide map, although this is just a framework map, but each side contains a lot of details, may give the confusion of friends some guidance on the direction, this is my original intention of writing this article


network marketing thinking map is as follows:


Most of the

friends may be the first to have a product or service, and then get the flow in to promote, but also some friends is the first flow, and then trying to find a product or service to the transformation of these flows, but whether the existing flow or the first product can according to the picture to think. If you are to have a product or service, then you should look at, this product is not a good product, that is not a good bait:

1, the low cost, the profits of the product, you can "profitable", or when you go to talk about cooperation with have enough profit to support the operation of the project, to achieve win-win situation, to further expand the cooperation and lay the foundation.

2, can be copied about the efficient production efficiency, both to meet the needs of the market growth rate and ensure quality.

3, conceptualization refers to your product to have the core value or difference with similar products more competitive advantage, also is to have a good fulcrum and sufficient value space; for example, if you sell the ordinary bucket, and then how you shape it is an ordinary bucket.

traffic includes only two kinds of active and passive traffic.

active flow is your initiative to find customers; passive flow is to let potential customers find you.

Method of obtaining

active traffic is the most people, belongs to the underpaid, less work and no effect, in the process of obtaining active flow should pay attention to find some precise ponds, it will greatly improve the conversion rate.

mainly refers to the passive flow by way of SEO, put some precise directional words make up, or in your completed customer database set up a referral reward mechanism, which will be part of the customer will introduce or recommend other people to buy your products.

network marketing course website, you have a good product or service, the precise flow and website, will not bring much benefit to you, so you need in the sales copy (SRO) under a little effort, so as to effectively improve the conversion rate of flow that will maximize the benefits.

there is another point that is important in browsing your website for the following

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