CNNC once again exposed the domain name Black agent Shanghai Peng Peng list

March 2, 2017

, domain name registration mechanism CNNIC re exposure of 7 illegal operations. Shanghai Mi Peng information technology limited company, ShangHai Ou Pu 7 domain name registration mechanism for fraudulent use of the name of others, fraud and intimidation and other irregularities in the user exposure list.

senior industry source said, illegal enterprises only pay attention to short-term interests, violation of provisions of the industry, the destruction of industry order, not only against the interests of users, but also damaged the interests of other industry colleagues, directly overdraft the entire industry market integrity.

recently, the Xiamen industrial and commercial circles to investigate and deal with a number of domain name Black agent, Xiamen police cracked two companies using the domain name fraud, these companies have been investigated for exposure to CNNIC.

According to

and IT, the current state of the domain name domain name management mechanism of fraudulent use of fraud has been effectively curbed, but the fraudulent use of the name ICANN outside the domain name administration fraud phenomenon still exists. Experts remind the majority of Internet users to be vigilant, pay attention to the protection of their rights and interests, registered domain names can be given priority by the management of the domain name, through formal registration agencies to provide services.

exposure of the enterprise:

Shanghai Peng Peng Information Technology Co., Ltd. http://s.mp-china.org.cn

ShangHai Ou Information Technology Co., Ltd Pu http://s.chinaregistry.cn

Shanghai ZhenXiao Technology Co., Ltd http://s.shanghainet.org.cn

, Network

Shanghai NIC Service Co., Ltd http://s.shanghainic.org.cn

, Network

China Net Technology Limited: http://s.china-net.hk

Beijing Onvis Net Information Technology Co. Ltd (Shunda technology limited) http://s.onvis.com.cn

AsiaAo Network Service Co., Ltd http://s.asiaao.cn

Event Background:

2007 in July 24th, the nets six Internet address registration services launched more than 40 Internet addresses of registered institutions jointly signed the "Internet address registration service industry self-discipline", Chinese Internet Network Information Center for the Convention "

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