Amazon will be set up to challenge the supermarket chain stores

March 2, 2017


technology news Beijing time on December 6th morning news, Amazon announced Monday, will be opened without the checkout line store in Seattle. This will bring new competition to the supermarket industry.

The New Amazon

Amazon Go retail shop, covers an area of 1800 square feet (about 167 square meters). The use of sensors to monitor the store, or take back what the customer goods from the shelves. After the user shopping away, Amazon will complete the checkout through the user’s Amazon account.

this is the latest step in the field of food into the Department of the Amazon, and food department store is also not yet achieved a dominant category of commodities. Previously, Amazon AmazonFresh courier services provided by this kind of commodity.

Jackdaw Research analyst Jane Dawson (Jan · Dawson) said: "the Amazon realized that the business model does not apply to all goods." He pointed out that the store will become an important complement to AmazonFresh. "If there are hundreds of stores in the United States, it will be an important threat to supermarket chains," he said."

as of Monday’s close, the S & P 1500 food retail index fell by 0.5%. Stocks of the index including Kroger and wfmi etc.. Amazon shares closed up about 2.6%.

Amazon said that Amazon Go is currently open for Amazon employee testing, is expected to open to the public early next year.

"Wall Street journal" on Monday quoted sources as saying that if the test is successful, then Amazon plans to open more than 2 thousand stores nationwide in the United states. Amazon is also considering other stores including the form, to help the driver pick up directly at a roadside store.

Amazon declined to comment.

retail industry research firm Conlumino managing director Neal · (Neil), said: (Saunders), said: in the store experience, queuing checkout has been the least efficient part. If you do not need to queue up, you can not only save a lot of labor costs, but also to make the process faster, more satisfied with the customer."

but he also pointed out that consumers need a period of time to adapt to this kind of take away the shopping experience. Some consumers may feel like they’re stealing.

in addition to selling bread and milk and other food packaging, Amazon Go also sells instant breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means that Amazon Go may become a chain of snack brands, such as Chipotle Mexican Grill competitors.

Amazon Go Amazon is not the first class entity. Previously, Amazon opened a physical bookstore in Seattle, and opened in some shopping centers

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