How to get high quality traffic

March 3, 2017

Hello everyone! I would like to discuss with you today, how to get high quality traffic, a classification of information website!

first of all, I personally think that a number of important factors to determine the source of high quality traffic:

a, high quality links

two, high quality website content and function

three, a high quality user experience

four, high-quality browsing Internet users

five, efficient and accurate online advertising network

six, SEO

ZhengZhan optimization of high quality

is more important than I think a few factors! Here do not advocate the use of mass software category of things to promote the site!

we want to keep those high quality Internet users! Classification to the station, only the high quality of Internet users is the key to the development of our website, take Shenyang nine Teng information network, website information that is completely in Shenyang area sent people to delete all other city!! the purpose is to precisely this! The Internet can give the people of Shenyang feel the website true! Very close! In addition, some loan information also delete all! Because people resent the


today, when it comes to this! Another day! Goodbye, dear